Why Why Why

Why Why Why is it so hard for me to figure out...

Can someone, anyone please help me

I want to spruce up my blog but these are some (only some) of my problems

No matter how much I try or what I do I can not figure out why I can not change my background when I first go to my blog the one that I want to use shows up for a split second then it just goes back to the old one.

I have tried to add my name or signature to the end of my posts that did not work either

I have also tried to add the sitemeter to my blog and as you can see that is not happening either.

I want to scream!!

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Cynthia Meeks said...

I haven't used layouts like this before, but you may have to revert back to a plain blogspot one and then install the new one. But I also dont know how you install them so I wouldnt know how to delete them either. How are you trying to install your signature? There are 2 options, you can either write it into the HTML code or you can go through the settings and put the image code you want to use in the box. {I'm not sure where the box it, but if you need instructions on where to find it, I could find it for you.} The image code should look something like this:

< img src ="http://somewebaddress" >

Where the web address will be the image location. How are you creating your signature? I have seen websited that you can do it through or I use photoshop and upload my images to photobucket.

And as far as the sitemeter, I don't even know what that is!

I hope some of this makes sense! Good luck!