Some me time

Addi and Easton are about the same age in these pictures. I really don't think they look that much alike do you???
I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I feel like I have and endless list of things that need to be done. I get one thing checked off the list then two more things are added to the end of the list. Welcome to being a mommy right??? I have been trying to do a few things different hoping it will help me feel better.
The first thing is I get up and ready BEFORE my kids get up. I use to wake up whenever Addi woke up and then would get ready sometime in the morning. I always felt rushed and it took me forever to get ready because I had to stop to tend to Addi or Easton every 5 seconds. It really makes my days better and I am just in a better mood when I get a little time to myself in the morning.
I went to the movies with my mom and Janie and saw One for the Money. It is a book series that I have read and it was pretty good.
Janie and I took a kick boxing class together at the gym. It was an hour long and it was HARD. I was sore for a couple of days but it felt good to know I worked out.
Addi and I have been going to the library every week. Janie kept Easton this week so we could go do the crafts they had. Addi made bird feeders with peanut butter and birdseed. Remember those?
I am just trying to take time to do a few things for myself and not feel guilty about it.


I can not stop watching Hoarders. I guess it may makes me feel like my house is spotless. Kidding Kidding!! I think it is so sad/amazing what these people have in their houses. I think the grossest thing is that when they are all cleaning out the houses they all have gloves on and they are cleaning poop/trash/food with maggots etc etc and they are ALWAYS touching their faces with the gloves that just touched the poop. GROSS It is so bad you just can't stop looking.


Random Thoughts

I am glad that Christmas, anniversary and birthday are over...I feel like we have not been on a schedule in a long time and a day where we didn't have much to do
Addi and I have been going to library on Wednesday to story time. She loves they sing play games and read a book and it is only 30 minutes. After were done she gets to go to the store to pick out a candy she wants. I have enjoyed doing something just me and her.
Justin and I went two weeks without eating out and I was so proud of us. I have decided that when you take two kids and pay for everyone to eat it isn't really worth it.
Justin and I went out with Janie and Brian last night and I realized that it has been a really long time since I have had adult fun. Sometimes I feel like I don't recognize myself anymore.
I am on the last book of the hunger games I really like it but I liked the other two more so I am not reading it as fast.
It really bugs Justin when someone texts him a long conversation instead of calling him...me I dont mind sometimes it is just easier for me to text back and forth but I need to make more of an effort to pick up the phone.
Easton has started looking really BIG lately. They really grow too fast.
The less I work the less I do around the house beause I can always do it later then dont.

A Birthday Party

Last weekend was Addi's Birthday party. I decided to have it somewhere besides my house so we decided on an indoor playground called playzone. It ended up being the best thing. Justin and I made the cupcakes on Friday and took them with us when we were done we just left. I think everyone had a good time I know Addi did she was all sweaty and tired when we left. These are all the good pictures that I got the rest were of the back of the kids heads. Thank you everyone that came to help celebrate Addi's Birthday!


7 year Anniversary

On December 28 Justin and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. We were both off that day so we decided to take a and e to day care so we could spend some time together. Before Justin left he said do you feel guilty?? I said yes I do! When they normally go to day care Justin is gone to work before Addi gets up. She was really confused why Justin was here and taking her. She asked me if I was going to work and I said yes because I felt guilty and she looks at me in my robe and said no mom your not. We had a big day, in the morning we cleaned my house and took all the Christmas taken down. It was romantic. Then we spent the rest of the day eating lunch together and looking at houses. It was a good day and Addi said she had fun at day care.

4 Months

Our little Mann is 4 months old. I love this stage he is so happy smiles all the time and loves to watch Addison. He had his 4 month appointment and he weighes 16 pounds and is 26 inches long. Hard to believe how fast he is growing. He has tried rice cereal and really didn't think to much about it just gags. I forgot how long it takes them to eat. One day I came home from work and I swear his hair grew while I was gone that day. It seemed like he had twice as much as when I left that morning. Justin of course thought I was crazy but when my mom say him she commented on how much his hair had grown and it had only been a few days since she saw him. I could not ask for an easier baby he is so good. Loves the swing and the new car he got for Christmas.

Christmas Eve

The week before Christmas I got sick with some sort of stomach bug so my mom came over to help the day before Christmas Eve. Justin had to work Christmas Day so we had santa and everyone over Christmas Eve. When Justin got home Addi got up to open her presents. She was so excited and so much fun this year. She was so excited about all of her presents. This year she got a kitchen. She has been cooking and baking all kinds of good food. I think she needs to pay more attention to Justin cooking than me because she is always cooking in the microwave and never uses the burners or the oven...
The rest of my family came over in the afternoon and I had such a good time with everyone. I felt so blessed this Christmas but also was sad for people who are hurting. I know Christmas can be so hard when you are hurting or lonely. I hope next year Addi and Easton will get to celebrate Christmas with a new little cousin.

2nd part of Christmas in Amarillo

On Saturday we had Christmas with Dorothys family. They get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Justin likes to try to go to atleast one of them. There is so many people that I don't even know everyones name and not sure if Justin does either. Addi had so much fun playing with all of the kids. She played played played. We went home on Sunday and stopped to see my Grandparents who hadn't seen Easton yet. It was good to see them I really don't see them very often. We had a good weekend but I was really tired and worn out by the time we got home. Easton was sleeping through the night for about a month before we went and he hasn't sleep through the night since. Once a baby sleeps all night it is TORTURE if they go back to not sleeping. He likes to get up around 4:30 and I have to get up around 5 to go to work so it really makes a L-O-N-G day!! But when I get to him he will stop crying and give me a big smile! Makes it all ok.

Happy 3rd Birthday Addison

I have gotten behind mostly because I want to know what happens to Katniss next. Have you read The Hunger Games? They are so good I started the second one and have not been able to put it down!
Anyways...Addi turned 3 yesterday. 3??? How is that possible. I had to work so Justin brought Addi and Easton to lunch. J got my lunch time mixed up and was an hour early and had to set in the car for over an hour and waited on me. When I got to the car he was sitting in the backseat because Easton had thrown a fit and the child locks were on and he could not get out. Also Addi had broken an ink pen and somehow Justin was the only one with ink all over him. Have to admit sometimes it nice to know I am not the only one who had days like this :) so I pumped on the way to lunch and it was nice to see Addi for lunch on her Birthday. We had pizza and my mom and Janie and Brian came over to eat with us.
It is hard to find something for Addis birthday because it is so close to Christmas. She always pretends she is using a microphone so I bought her a microphone regretting it before I left the parking lot. Well it is super annoying and it scares Zoey to death so she barks and barks then barks somemore every time Addi uses it. What was I thinking?????
The day before Addi birthday she had to go to the doctor she weighs 33 pounds! She has pink eye and has to do eye drops twice a day. Let me just say eyedrops and a three years old = good times.
Happy Birthday Addison!!!