Here are some pictures of Addi

4 Hours 55 Minutes

Today Justin finished his 2nd marathon. He ran in the OKC memorial marathon. It started at 6:30 this morning, it was suppose to rain all day but so far it has not rained but it is SO WINDY outside. He ran most of the way with Casey (who ran with him last time) and then at about mile 16 his friend Rusty met up with him and ran the rest of the way in. He said he had pretty bad cramps from mile 16 on which is the about the same as last time. Jennifer, Cooper, Addi and me all waited at the finish line. Cooper and Addi did well but after we all ate I think everyone was ready to go home. I am so proud of Justin. He finished at about 4 hours and 55 minutes which is about 45 minutes better than last time.
I have been running several times a week since my six week check up after Addi was born. Next year I think I would like to try to do a relay or the fun run (which is 3 miles I think) but I don't think I ever want to do the whole thing. Good Job Justin I'm proud of you!

One other thing...I think Addi is getting a tooth, I know it is early she will be 16 weeks tomorrow but she drools all over the place and constantly chews on her fist. I can kind of see a little white bump on her gums so we will see!


A Wonderful Lunch and Wonderful Husband

Today Justin stayed home because Janie couldn't babysit. It was absolutely beautiful today warm-almost hot-and the best part no wind! Justin called me before lunch and said to meet him at the park by our house for lunch. Justin and Addi were waiting for me on a blanket with a picnic lunch. We ate our sandwiches and enjoyed a beautiful day! This was Addi's first visit to the park. She just loves to be outside. After we ate, we had time for a walk and then had a few minutes to run home. It was so sweet of him...sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Also today...Addi rolled over from her back to front she has been going from stomach to belly for several weeks now but today she finally figured out both ways!
Justin's volleyball team is no longer undefeated :(
Janie's father-in-laws surgery went well and is doing good!
We have termites...I am so grossed out and so pissed! It will cost about $1000 yes $1000 to treat...unless someone on the fire department does termite treatment GRRRRRRR


Today Brian's Dad (Janie's father-in-law) gets a heart!! Brian's Dad has been in the hospital since before I went back to work waiting for a heart. They got the news today that they have a match!! I hope everything goes ok and I am so happy for them!


Happy Easter

We had a great Easter weekend. Justin's brother Josh and his family came to visit us. It was Brandi and Jaces first time to meet Addison so we were excited to see all of them. Friday Justin and I colored eggs with Jace and Judson it has been so long since I have dyed Easter eggs! On Saturday, we went to Orr family farm. We had never been there before but it had lots of things for them to do and will go back for other things they have. They had a petting zoo, pony rides, moonwalk bouncy things, carousel an egg hunt every hour along with many other things. Justin carried Addi in the backpack thing that goes in front and she did great. She did not cry and stayed awake the whole time. I hope the boys had fun we enjoyed getting to spend time with them. On Sunday, we did Easter baskets and then everyone had to go home. The Easter bunny did bring Addi an Easter basket...its hard to think of things to get an infant for a basket ha she did get some new books.

On Thursday, Addi started rolling over from her back to her front she can do this all the time now but she just can't seem to get her arms over from back to front. Also on Thursday, the wind was horrible and there where fires in Midwest City that burnt whole neighborhoods. Justin was on duty this day and was very excited that he was going to be able to relieve some of their firefighters. But...they called in off duty fireman and in order to get reimbursed for the overtime the ones that are being paid overtime have to actually be fighting a fire. So poor Justin missed out...he was bummed and I was relieved!


Friday, Saturday, Sunday...best days of the week

Friday...Shopping! Friday I had a good day going on a shopping spree. Justin stayed home and watched Addi while Janie and I went shopping. I save my money when we get something extra at work or my birthday money until I get $500 then I go shopping for new clothes and do not feel guilty because I have been saving it usually for about 6 months. I had a good time and got a lot of new clothes! My favorite thing and biggest splurge was the shoes. I can't wait for Justin to take me on a date so I can wear them. Oh and the answer is no I can not walk in them! Justin and Addi met us for lunch then Janie and I had manicures before we headed home. That night Justin, Addi, me Janie and Brian went to thunder valley to watch cars drag racing it was fun but I was exhausted and ready for bed!

Saturday...Justin had a run in Stillwater. We had to be there before 7:30 so they could get registered and while Justin and Casey ran (it was a trail run a little over 16 miles) Jennifer and I went shopping they had some really cute stores that I liked. Addi did not have do much fun it was hard getting her in and out of the car. Justin said the race was much harder than they thought it was more hilly and rocky than he would have liked and it has been so WINDY! He is getting ready for his second marathon in a couple of weeks. I'm so proud of him! Can not imagine running 26 miles!! When they finished we all met at Eskimo Joe's for lunch and the cheese fries were very good. We came home and took a nap it was a long day getting up at 5:00 (earliest ever for a Saturday!)

Sunday...Justin is back to work today so I have been relaxing and reading and got my house cleaned!

Addi has really started "talking" she just smiles and tries so hard to talk to you. She has a play mat in the floor that she figured out that if you hit them they make noises. She is so much fun she is sleeping longer at night (not all night!) and is up and happy more during the day. I can't remember what I did before I had her!