A couple of weekends ago we went to visit Justins family and some friends. I took my camera but forgot the memory card so these pictures are it. Justins brother is a football coach so Addi had fun going to the pep rally then got to go to lunch with Jace and Judson at Jaces school. Our friends also live in the same town and have two little girls. Addi LOVED playing with all their things. When we are at home Addi pretty much is in the same room as we are and wants us to play. When we travel and there are other kids it seems like we hardly see her. I love to watch her play with other kids. The travel part went pretty good but it took me a week to recover. I was so tired staying up late in another place and getting up with a baby! Justin and I should have traveled more BEFORE we had kids but it was worth it :)

Eastons newborn pictures

These were taken when Easton was 5 days old.
I have regretted sending a lot of money on outfits that were outgrown in months and shoes that were worn a handful of times but I've never regretted the money I have spent on professional pictures I will have a lifetime!

A day at the zoo

We took Addi to the zoo one more time before I had to go back to work. We go pretty often and Addi always has a good time then a good nap. This time we went a different way and watched the bears. They were fun to watch. I'm really loving the cooler weather!

Happy Fall

I love fall. Love the colors the smells and the weather. It is my favorite season. I wish Ihad more time and more money to decorate!

Back To Work

Monday was my first day back to work after being off for 4 and a half months. I started a new job and so far it has gone good. We are so busy the day goes by really fast. I had been at my office for three years and was nervous about working somewhere else. My last job was comfortable to me I knew what to expect (which wasn't much) and knew what the doctor would want to do before he told me. This office has really nice equipment and 7 other girls to work with. I think this will be a good change. I work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. perfect schedule!!! Justin is home this week when I work so he is getting to spend time with Easton and Addi. He told me he was ready to go back to work to have a break! I really missed these cute little people!


Happy Birthday JR

Happy Birthday Justin! Today is Justin's birthday and he had to work...so we packed up and went to lunch with Justin. Addi loves to go to the fire station. Easton got to go for the first time and he was so excited too (not really but he did fine). We had to go to the store before we went to pick up Justin's cookie cake to take to him. It was the first time I have taken both of them and have had to get out of the car. I wish every store had a drive thru. Happy Birthday Justin we love you!!

I guess even princesses have off days!
Justin said on Saturday a little girl had a lemonade stand and she and her mom brought the $ to the station because she wanted the firefighters to take it and buy their meal with it. They told her to keep the $ for herself. She was back today with pizza, cake and lemonade. I thought that was so sweet!


Drive In Movie

Do you ever have an idea and get so excited about it and then it turns out to be MISERY? I have been wanting to take Addi to the drive in theatre all summer and when I saw that Cars 2 was playing I was so excited to take Addi. So we got in our comfy sweats and pjs and got our popcorn. I am pretty sure Addi watched 12 seconds of the whole movie. She climbed everywhere in the car and Easton did not sleep one wink. The only detail about the movie I got was Mator had a bomb on him. Oh well...maybe next year. (the pics were before the movie started..that is why were still smiling)!

September 26 Easton was one month old. It is going by so fast. It seems like you wait and wait for them to get here and then once they are here it just starts flying by. He looks bigger to me his face and legs are really filling out. So far he has been a pretty easy baby. Last night he ate about 10 and did not wake up again until 5:30. That was a good night! I am starting to feed him a bottle before he goes to bed. It is still breast milk but I give him 4 ounces and it really seems to fill him up and Justin likes getting to feed him. He fits right into our family and definitely would not be complete without him.