Here is the reason I did not get all of the stuff on my list done this weekend. It was beautiful outside and we could think of better things to do than stay inside. I am so thankful for these two. I love them more than anything and they are my whole world.
Friday all three of us went Christmas shopping and we got everyone done except Addi and eachother. Our whole families!! For those of you who have not had the pleasure of shopping with Justin let me tell you what it is like.
-you MUST know what you are getting each person you can not have an idea or just look to see if you see something pops out at you.
-you have a mapped out plan of which is the fastest way which store you will go into first etc. For instance J will drop me off at one store while he goes to another. I think Justin likes to write all the stores down because he does not want me try to add another stop
-You can not look at anything or in any store that is not planned. Nope no looking you are on a mission
-When you are finished you must eat at the place of his choice and they must serve beer
the plus to this is we got alot done and it didn't take all day..
Really I perfer shopping ALONE!!
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

I have been working on getting all my Christmas out I still have a way to go but I have been making wreaths and some garland with this mesh and it has been really fun. I would love to be able to do this all day long. This is what Justin calls knick-knack bulls@#t!!


Happy Monday

Tonight I finished my garland for the front door. This year I like glittery things. I really like the Santa boot! J is working so I finished this up when Addi went to bed. Happy Monday!!


Babies Babies and Christmas

Thursday my cousin Lisa had her baby Carsyn and she had her close to her so Addi and I went to visit. She is so cute and so tiny. My Aunt Mary gave Addi a Jesse costume and Addi thought the hat looked good on her. On Friday we saw our friends Jennifer and Casey and Cooper and their new baby Carson. He is so cute and we were glad we finally got to see them. I wish we could have spent more time with all of them. ALL OF THESE BABIES!!! Makes Addi seem so big.

Oops did not mean to put this pic here.

This is just how big Addi really is BIG GIRL!!!

I did get rid of some of these decorations and put up some of these..

I have had fun making all these Christmas wreaths. Next weekend I plan on decorating for Christmas hopefully all but the tree. I am excited for Christmas this year!!
Justin and I got to go on an afternoon date while my mom stayed with Addi we saw DUE DATE and it was so funny!


This weekend I got to spend some time with people I enjoy. Friday we went to dinner with friends. Saturday Justin had to work so my mom and Janie came over so we all got to hang out together. Then the best today was a day with Justin and Addi and even an extra hour...I think every Sunday should be an hour longer. Please pay no attention to my eyes in these pictures my allergies are really bothering me and my eyes have been hurting more and longer than they ever have. I can't seem to get the right meds to help. And yep that's some Christmas decorations!!
Today in church the sermon was about which path we choose to take. The road that leaves to no where has a wide entrance and it is easy to follow and when you have wondered to the end that's it there is nothing. The road that leads to Heaven has a very narrow entrance and the path is hard to follow...but the reward in the end is God. Then he asked which path do you choose?
Justin and I have found a church we really enjoy and I love taking Addi. My mom always took us to church when we were little but it is something I did not do on my own for a long time. My dad was saved when he had cancer. He never went to church with us but when he got sick he was saved and he was a totally different person. I think he was the person he always wanted to be but it just never came out for whatever his reasons were. It was horrible horrible watching my Dad die watching his body just stop working. He had just turned 49 when he died. But I do think that was all in Gods plan because if my dad would have died in a car accident or maybe just kept living his life the way he was he would not have been saved. In the last few months my dad was alive he tried to talk to me about God and asked me to find a church. I did not go. I was angry that this was happening to my dad and my family.
Justin and I were in Amarillo this summer at Pop's funeral and in the family room there was a man I knew I knew but could not place him. It finally dawned on me that it was a patient of mine (we were 4 hours from home). He was a patient I really enjoyed and had told Justin about before because he reminded me of Pops. Well he is Justin's grandma's cousin. He had invited me to church when I had seen him before but we never went. Well now we go to the same church. God places people in our lives and he places them in our lives at the right time. It was not a coincidence it was all planned by HIM.



We celebrated Halloween on Saturday. We started the day at the parade and it was so cold the wind was really chilly so we did not make it to the end. Later in the afternoon we got Addi ready so we could go downtown where they had all kinds of things to do. This is Addi showing you her lip gloss. She did end up being the CUTEST cowgirl in town!!

Since she would not wear her cowboy hat I decided to see if I could braid her hair. It was actually long enough.

Addi had some very special visitors to go trick or treating with her. Justin's parents came this weekend and we all had a good time trick or treating!!!