Our trip to Florida was wonderful! The plane trip was fine even though Addi did not sleep at all. On the way back they had open seats so Addi got to sit in her own sleep in her car seat which was much better than having to hold her. We would get up in the morning and go to the beach we could walk there from the house we stayed in. We would stay and play until it got to hot or the babies needed to go home then we would head home nap and eat lunch. The addition our house was in had a swimming pool so we would swim in the afternoon. In the evenings we would do different things one night my mom kept the babies and we went out and one night Justin and I went to eat together. It was beautiful the sand looks like snow...no oil or tar balls. It was wonderful someplace I would love to go back to I have more pictures and will post them when I upload them. In the mean time it has been back to life here. I was happy to see Sherman and Zoey and to be home. Justin is still super busy so we are just trying to find time to spend together.


Here is just a preview of what we have been up to this week ... paradise!!


We went to Amarillo this past week because Justins grandpa, Pops, passed away on Tuesday. Justin has the best grandparents and Justin would not be the man he is now if Pops had not been in his life. It was really nice to get to see the pictures of Pops and hear stories about him when he was younger. We hated the reason that we were there but it is one of the best times we have had together. It was nice to see everyone and spend time together. I hope Kenny having his grandkids there helped him. The picture of Addi and Kenny (J dad) two stepping is so sweet. I will be praying for everyone especially Grandma. We both loved Pops and he is missed. He was a great man and a great influence to Justin.

Justin has been looking crazy in some of his pictures because we count to three now for Addi and I guess J goes crazy hehe
We are a little behind...last weekend we went to the lake with the guys that are on Justins shift. It ended up not being to hot outside and Addi liked the water.