We are all feeling a little better today! Justin is fine. Addi is much better no more stomach problems but still not quite herself. I feel better will be able to go to work tomorrow just a little tired. I was going to call my mom yesterday to see if she could come over but decided to call Justin instead. I did not want her to be around us and get sick, I talked to her today and she has it too...This has been a crazy week maybe this week will be back to normal.

random thought...have you been watching the olympics? I was just wondering if anyone saw a girl participating that had any boobs at all? Some of the skaters I could not tell if they were men or women until I saw their ponytail out the back of their helmets...
Yesterday was horrible...I have the stomach thing and Addi is still sick too. I held her from 9 am to about 5:30 when I called and asked Justin to come home to help. It is no fun having a sick baby and being sick at the same time. UGHH I feel like my house is a big germ factory.


I thought Addi was doing better today. She acted really tired today and took two naps that lasted over 2 hours but no stomach problems. So I did not take her to the doctor. Then at about 5:15 she started having problems again. Poor girl she has been drinking her pedialyte so hopefully tomorrow will be better...


I just love these little feet...
so today we stayed at home...I know it's only Thursday...This morning Justin went to work and he is feeling better not a 100% but a lot better. Janie called at 6:30 and she is sick she has the same stomach bug. Addi is better today but she is still having problems and you can tell she does not feel good. I guess if she is not better tomorrow we are going to go to the doctor. She will be 14 months in a few days and she has never been to the doctor for anything other than her well baby check ups. Hope all is better tomorrow. I cleaned and cleaned today. Isn't it lovely to hang out in a clean house!!!


Stomach Bug...ughhhhh

Poor Justin...sick sick sick. Which means poor Laurie getting this getting that...hehe just kidding. Justin really is sick today. He worked yesterday and was going to come home but did not think he could make it home without getting sick. Yuck. Janie took Addi to her house so Justin could stay at home today. I took Justin some Gatorade at lunch and called Janie to check on Addi and she said Addi has had diarrhea all day. So far she has had it 7 times today...but no throwing up like Justin. Hope everyone is better tomorrow and hope I do not get sick too.


One year ago today ...

One year ago today I went back from work...my maternity leave was over. Time does just fly by! It really does seem like not so long ago when I was pregnant!


This is the view from our balcony

We had such a great time this weekend. We left at about 7 on Thursday morning and we were in the car for about 12 hours. Addi did great in the car, I was really nervous about her being in the car for so long. On Friday, Janie, Brian and I went to ski school. I had never been and Janie and Brian had only been once about 10 years ago. In the afternoon Justin took Addi to the daycare they have and we all 4 went skiing. It was really alot of fun and man what a work out! My legs are still sore. Later that night, we went to eat at Michael's to eat mexican food. It was the best mexican food that I have ever had! EVER not sure if it was really that good or if its just been awhile since I have eaten whatever I wanted. On Saturday, I stayed with Addi while everyone else went skiing. Justin had a good time and I think he was glad he got to do some of the harder trails. When they got back we ate and played cards. It was really nice to spend time together. I see Janie almost everyday but it is just for a few minutes at a time so it was fun to hang out with them. On Sunday, we headed home. It was a long ride home. It was my birthday but birthdays are no fun in the car so I am going to tell Justin we need to celebrate this coming weekend...haha. When we left I looked over at Addi and she threw up everywhere....twice. I guess she gets car sick like her Great Papa :) . We had a good time and is definitely want to go back. Today Justin picked up the dogs...they had been in the kennel since Wednesday I really missed the little guys. So nice to be home!
***please say a prayer for Justin, they are going through a hard time at work and could use some encouragement.


We Made It!!

We made it safe and sound and with not to many melt downs. It is beautiful here and we are having a great weekend. I will post some pics and more about our trip when we get home. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


This is the backpack that Addi got for Valentines Day. So long diaper bag...

I obviously think Addi looks very cute in these sunglasses and she will even wear them for a minute or two.
Tomorrow is the big day! We are leaving for our ski trip. I think we are ready to go. Most everything is packed and we are leaving EARLY! Please pray for us we are going to be in the car for 9-10 hours. Janie and Brian may not want to travel with us again. HaHa. I hope we have a great time I'll put up some pictures when we get back.


Happy Valentines Day

It is a good thing that we played outside yesterday because it is SNOWING! I know I can't believe it. Addi and I are suppose to meet my mom for lunch today but not sure now since its a blizzard...ok maybe not blizzard but really...more snow!!??
How cute is my little Valentine? This is an outfit my aunt and uncle got for her.

Justin and I celebrated Valentines Day yesterday because he has to work today. We really did not do a lot mostly just hung out together. I did make him his favorite dessert and it was so good even Addi agreed!

Addi is truly a mommas girl she loves to brush her teeth or maybe just suck the toothpaste off.

Here is the strawberry dessert that I made Justin the filling is cool whip, cream cheese and sugar and it is so good.

When we put Addi to bed Justin went and picked up sushi. I love sushi it is one of my favorite things. For a couple of years I could not imagine eating this stuff and now we have it at least once a week. YUM! We also watched The Couples Retreat. It was cute but not as good as I expected. We had a good time sometimes isn't it nice to be lazy at home???


Have I told you lately what a wonderful husband I have? Well here it goes...Justin got up early this morning to have his haircut and then to go workout. I got ready to go to An affair of the heart. Justin said that he would stay home with Addi so that I could go and look. Since we are going skiing next weekend, we decided that we would not exchange gifts for Valentines Day but he brought me a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure! I looked at my own pace today and it was so nice to have a little time to myself. I saw lots of things to try to make for Addi and got her Valentines gift. Then I went for my pedicure and manicure and it was so nice. The girl told me how nice looking my husband was and that they were all talking about him after he left. I have to agree with her! It was so nice!! Oh, and he went and got a new camera!
Then later tonight we met my Aunt Mary (dads sister) and Uncle Tommy for diner at Texas Road house. While we were waiting for our table there was a lady sitting next to us and she was talking to Addi. After a few minutes Addi warmed right up to her and leaned over and gave her a big hug it was so cute. It was nice to catch up with them they gave Addi some cute new clothes. My Uncle does a lot of wood work and he is going to make Addi a table with chairs to go in her room. Hope everyone had a happy Friday!


Why Why Why

Why Why Why is it so hard for me to figure out...

Can someone, anyone please help me

I want to spruce up my blog but these are some (only some) of my problems

No matter how much I try or what I do I can not figure out why I can not change my background when I first go to my blog the one that I want to use shows up for a split second then it just goes back to the old one.

I have tried to add my name or signature to the end of my posts that did not work either

I have also tried to add the sitemeter to my blog and as you can see that is not happening either.

I want to scream!!


Since my camera is broken I'm putting up some old pictures...

I am so glad tomorrow is Thursday...Justin is going to stay home with Addi on Friday so I can go to an affair of the heart. That's about it around here!


Good News...Bad News

Good news...Remember I told you that Justin and I have been doing weight watchers since October? Well you have to weigh in once a week and this week Justin and I both made our goal weight! Yippee Justin said we should celebrate by having a cheeseburger at the Fat Tire....
and I asked off for our ski trip today and Dr said that was fine...may ask before we buy the ski pants, rent the cabin, and ask people to go with us next time.
Bad news...my camera is broken can't imagine how this happened it could be because a tiny little person likes to look at it and drop it and you would think her parents would pay closer attention to this but they did not so now broken camera. Will fix this problem this weekend so instead of a new picture of Addi you get to see this one.
***today I went to the gym to work out at lunch (yes that is correct I have been working out on my lunch hour) and Justin and Addi came as I was leaving and J took her to the day care when I checked in on her she was just crying and crying and finally (may have been only a second or two) the worker picked her up and she stopped. It was so sad! I am so thankful that I do not have to start my day off everyday by dropping her off somewhere where she cries.
One more thing more snow today it has been snowing/raining all day today can't believe it.


I wish we could play outside today....we are suppose to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. I just can not believe it! All of the snow and staying inside is starting to get kinda gloomy! Remember I told you Addi hasn't been feeling good well this morning she (and her mommy) slept until 9 that's right 9! It was wonderful and she has been in such a good mood. So maybe we are in for a nice relaxing Sunday just the girls and Sherman of course Justin is at work. Happy Sunday!


A Ski Trip

These people are going to be our ski buddies UB (Uncle Brian) and JJ

Justin loves to ski so this year we are going to go on a ski trip. We will be going in a couple of weeks. Justin is so excited. I have never been skiing before but isn't that how Sonny died?? Just kidding...I am excited too. I think we will have a great time and I am definately going to take lessons instead of Justin teaching me...haha. So we went to get skis stuff today. Anyways....Addi is 13 months old now...can't believe it! This past week she just has not been feeling well and I feel bad for her poor girl you can see the teeth coming thru but they still are under the gums. Somebody (her daddy) thinks that it is cute to let her walk by herself in the store someone else (her mommy) does not like this. The other day we were in Target and there was a lady talking to Addi and of course she walked right up to her and then she picked up Addi then she KISSED her yuck!!! I tried to do a little shopping yesterday and do you think Addi wants you to hold her or to ride in the cart since now that her Daddy lets her run wild? Needless to say we did not stay long and needless to say somebody (her Daddy) got to hear all about it.


Simple Pleasures

On Kellys blog she wrote about her simple pleasures so I thought I would do the same...

1. Reading

2. Going to lunch with Justin

3. Diet coke, sushi and skinny cows

4. When a stranger stops you to tell you how beautiful your baby is

5. Addi's laugh...anything Addi actually

6. Figuring out that my treadmill has a fan

7. thunderstorms in the morning or at night

8. gettin my hair done

9. a good friend

10. getting to leave work a little early

11. sleeping in...I miss that!

12. a date with Justin


Baby or Toddler

Justin asked if Addison was still a baby or if she was a toddler...

Big girl seat that looks like she could take a ride on a space ship....
The sippy cup replaces the bottle...

Moved on from formula to some good ol' whole milk...UMMM toddler!


Back to work...

I guess Sherman is the only one still having snow days...it was back to work for me. Addi still not feeling to well still has a low fever and just wants to be held. Justin was off today so they stayed home. Hope she feels better tomorrow. It can really wear you out when you have a sick baby!
Addi no longer gets a bottle...sippy cup for her, she did fine no problems with it. The other night when our friends were here with their baby she was looking in her bag and got her bottle out took the cap off and was trying to drink it...poor girl guess she missed it more than I thought!