This is my I'm on VACATION face!!! So excited this is the first time since I have finished hygiene school that I have had a paid vacation!!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting for me! I have not been off for more than a few days (except maternity leave which was unpaid, got up every hour breast feeding so that does NOT count) since I started working so this is going to be so nice! I started my vacation by hanging out with Addi, Sherman and Zoey. Justin is working so we hung out and made hair bows. (Which are very cute I might add) Tomorrow it is some laundry and house cleaning and then pedicure! Then we are going to Red River for a few days! I can not wait so HAPPY VACATION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

It is official...Addi can crawl. On Sunday evening, Addi decided that she wanted to crawl!! It is so cute seeing her go where she wants to go!
Oh and the reason for the crazy baby legs...her poor little knees! They are all red from the floors!


I finally got some of my pictures developed and this is one of my favorites. I may have already posted it but here is again.

So Addi has Tiny feet. She has not been able to wear any shoes yet. (I guess they are tiny) maybe most babies aren't able to wear shoes at her age Idon't know. Anyways how cute are these flip flops?? I love them and they fit! I found them at this store and the sign on the door says ALL flip flops half off so I take these and the lady says they are not suppose to be half off but she will go ahead and do it. Is she crazy does anyone really spend $25 for baby flip flops???
Just a cute pic of Zoey. She is such a sweet dog. Where ever Addi is Zo is always in the background !

So this is how we found Addi this morning!! Did make my heart jump a tiny bit!! Justin had to work last night and that means that he gets home about 7:30. Addi was awake, I could hear her playing in her bed but sometimes I let her lay in there until she gets mad...its so sweet to listen to her "talk" to herself. Justin went in to get her and over the monitor I heard him calling my name. This is what we found....so needless to say she had to have her dad lower her bed this morning.
I have a feeling my life is going to get more difficult. Addi is moving everywhere. She can crawl of few "steps" or whatever they are called but mostly just army crawls EVERYWHERE and she gets into everything. Yesterday she had her little hand in Zoeys food bowl Gross!!!
Lonnie (Dads younger brother) Mom Addi me and Amy

This is my moms house , the house I grew up in. I will be sad when it is no longer our house to go "home" to.


Guymon America

This past weekend we (Justin Addi my sister Amy and I) went to good ol' Guymon to see my mom. She is moving here and wants to be here by the end of September. So there is ALOT to do before she can get here. She still lives in the house that we moved into when I was in first grade. The house is not very big...it is smaller than the one Justin lived in when we were in Amarillo if you remember that. My dad died 6 years ago and there is alot of his things there and then she still has things from when we were small. I can not imagine how hard it is for my mom to go through all of my dads things especially by herself. They were married almost 30 years. So I think she needs some help with this. I am so excited about having my mom here it will be nice and I want my kids to be close to their grandparents. I am also very sad. This was my "home" for a long time where we grew up and I just am sad hard to explain I guess. Anyways...exicted to have my mom here.
On Friday we got all the things out for the garage sale. She has so much stuff that it was not a garage sale but a backyard sale. We had everything out and then all of the sudden it got cloudy and then dirt started blowing everywhere then came the rain it pured. We had to take everything back inside so no sale on Friday but Saturday we did good. She made WAY more than I have ever made and she was excited. Then the man that is going to buy her house came by and what he offered my mom was more than she thought! So maybe it is turning around for her!
On Sunday we did not do alot just hung out and played with Addison. My uncle who is my dads younger brother was driving through so we got to see him and he met Addison. It was nice to see him.
Addison is trying so hard to crawl. So cute she can move her legs and then falls over. I know one day really soon she is just going to be across the room. So much for setting her in the floor to play and knowing she still be there in 10 minutes haha. Oh and have I told you that I have such a great husband? He helped with the loading and unloading of everything and weedeated (that looks funny spelling??) my moms yard for her. With no complaints. He has not had a dip in 18 days!!! I will post some pics later when I get home. Hope you all had a great weekend!


One Blah Day

It has been one blah day today. Justin is at work and I just feel blah. I wanted it to be a good day with just me and Addi but it has just not worked out that way. I think of doing something then I think about it again and do nothing! I am not in the mood for shopping, it is tax free weekend so everywhere is crazy. I am bored but still get bummed out on Sundays because I have to go back to work tomorrow haha. Well that's that.

So anyways....Addi is now 7 months old...closer to a one year old than a new born and that makes me sad. Here is what she is up to these days

...she can sit up for as long as she wants she still has not figured out how to sit up on her own when she is laying down
...she can scoot herself across the floor pulls with her arms and pushes with her legs
...she gets into the crawling position with knees in the right place and then she will fall over
...she is getting more hair enough that when she wakes up it is messy in the back or on the sides but good thing for her she looks so cute with bedhead
...she says bababa all the time maybe da da is next??
...tonight is last jar or green beans and then it is fruits...I'm thinking bananas

Justin has not dipped in 10 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He said the longest he has ever "quit" before is 5 days. So proud of him. He chews gum like crazy and always has sunflower seeds within reach

Well guess it is back to my boring day maybe next I'll write about what I am happy and thankful about but not today I am going to continue in the same blah mood


I made this dress for Addi...she's so cute!!!!

This is what Addison and her Aunt Janie do all day!

Addi loved going to the pool. Justin even took her by himself when I was at work...I was a bit jealous!!


Well not a lot has been going on just more of the same for the most part. We have taken Addi to the swimming pool a few times and had a really good time. I think she really liked it. Justin does dunk her little head under and I have to look away...poor baby with the mean Daddy haha.

Last weekend Justin and I went to a bed and breakfast in Turner Falls while Dorothy, Justin's mom, came and stayed with Addi. This is the first time that I have been away from her overnight but we both did fine. We had such a good time. Justin had set an appointment for me to get pedicure and manicure and them we had a couples massage it was so wonderful!!! When Justin booked everything there was a misunderstanding so they called us back to fix it and then they upgraded our room to the nicest one they have. We decided to go ahead and do dinner there, at first we were not going to but decided it had been awhile since we have enjoyed a night out so we had an AMAZING dinner. We had salads (with watermelons) sounds gross but so good, filet's, shrimp scampi and duck wasn't sure about it but turned out very good, green beans, asparagus, corn, twice baked potatoes, and dessert. Needless to say we were SO full! Miserable really. Then they had a breakfast the next day that was good. It was really nice to spend time with Justin and when I got home I just felt refreshed and more relaxed we definitely needed that weekend. I think Dorothy and Addi had a good time too.

This weekend is pretty uneventful Justin is working overtime this weekend so wont see
him very much.

I will put some pics up later I am too lazy right now...

One thing I want to vent about...people being late to the their appointments...not the ones that something came up at the last minute the ones that are late every freaking time...I think it is so rude and when they come in they do not say anything. We have one patient that does not live here anymore (maybe an hour and a half away) and still comes to our office, why I am not sure, but he is always always late. I was reading in his chart because he was running late and the last hygienist said last time he came in 45 min late for his 1 hour appointment and when she told him that he would have to reschedule he refused to leave and told her that he drove all that way and was not coming back another day. So after going back and forth she finally agreed to see him and ended up working thru her lunch REALLY. Anyways I know sometimes I run behind but I always tell the patient I am sorry that I am running late etc. Patients ran me behind all week because they were late GRRR