Somedays I feel like I got this. We have good days. Days were of course my kids need correcting but that's it tell them to do something and they mind me. We laugh and we play.  Them somedays it's like a shit storm I yell I do timeout I spank and nothing matters. They whine they cry they do stuff while staring at me daring me to get onto them. I know not everyday can be good. If all days were good then would I recognize it as a good day?  Somedays I want to eat without someone wanting somethIng from me I want to pee without someone banging on the door. I want to sit without someone throwing something at me. Sometimes being a mom is hard. I want to remember that the way I react shapes these little people that God trusted me with. I am glad tomorrow is a new day.


I had wanted a DSLR camera for a long time and finally got one that was my Christmas gift.  I hope to take some photography classes sometime.  I found and editing sight called picmonkey I have liked editing some of my favorite pictures.  Some things are free and you have to pay to use all of the editing tools.  You can slim down, whiten your teeth, soften wrinkles, remove blemishes...yes, yes, yes and yes.  These were some of my favorites.

Happy 4th Birthday

I can now upload pic through blogger again so I have some back tracking to do.  I don't think blogging is as much fun with no pictures
Addi turned 4 this month! Her birthday was on a Saturday this year and the Friday before I called in sick to work because I was throwing up felt horrible and had a 24 hour stomach something lovely.  So on her actual birthday we did not do alot just hung out and went to the osteology museum.  Her party was on Sunday at the Y splash pad.  Sunday morning at about 4 I heard her screaming so I went to her room and she said mom I frew (threw) up all in my new bed.  She got a big girl bed and new bedding and this was the first night for her to sleep in there.  Lovely puke in the new bed.  So this continued all morning long.  We still had her party because if we cancelled and rescheduled it we would have had to pay another $100 and I think $250 for a birthday is already crazy.  BUT she didnt go she stayed home with my mom Justin Easton and I went to the party.  It was kinda weird but what do you do??? 
Addi said will you call me and tell me who is at my party that was pretty sad I felt horrible for her but she felt better the next day.  I can't remember what it was like to have no kids I cant believe this time next year I will be signing her up for school??!!!


I have some posts I want to put up but for some reason I can't upload any pictures with blogger not sure what that is all about?????

Anyways we have been busy...had a birthday addi and I had a 24 hour stomach bug we redid addis room did our backsplash and a bunch of other stuff.

Kitchen is looking good so far I am happy with it granite was installed Justin and I did the backsplash we are painting the cabinets this weekend and the new lighting goes in Friday!  I can add grouting to my resume now. I not a real patient person so it is not something I love to do but we got it done.

Addi room turned out so cute it looks so BIG!  She went in for her 4 year check and she is in 95 percentile for height guess she is tall. Like her momma obviously.

Hopeful I can figure out how to upload some pictures posts without pictures are boring!


Weight Watchers Weigh In

Mondays are my weigh in days


I lost two pounds since last weeks weigh in!  I did much better at my eating but I did have the stomach bug Thursday and Friday so we will see next week but I will go with two!

A-Z all about me

A.  age 33
B.  bed size king and I dont think I could sleep every night in a smaller one
C.  chore you hate cooking Jr loves it and I dont mind cleaning up
D.  Dogs 2 pugs Sherman and Zoey
E.  Essential start to your day diet dp
F.  Favorite color blue
G.  gold or silver silver but I am liking gold more
H.  height 5'1 AND and half
I.  Instruments you play played the flute in school I can still play b flat scale I SUCKED
J.  job title dental hygienist
K.  kids two addi and easton
L.  live Oklahoma
M.  married for 8 years
N.  nicknames Laurie, bug and mess
O.  overnight hospital stays whole week in high school for kidney infection, overnight for swallowing a pin in home ec not kidding when they tell you to keep them out of your mouth and to have two kids
P.  pet peeve  not going to tell em all to you cause then you would think I was a crazy bitch...but currently it is people who think they are way busier than the rest of us.  Everybody is busy but if you really want to do something you can find the time
Q.  Quote blah nothing good comes to mind
R.  righty or lefty right but I shoot the basketball left handed
S.  siblings two sisters one older and one younger
T.  time you wake up 5:30 if I have to work around 6:45 if not I wish it was 9
U.  university attended PSU it was fabulous and graduated hygiene school from Amarillo College
V.  vegetables you dislike brussel sprouts I thought I liked them then I almost puked and remebered they are nasty
W.  what makes you run late not alot b/c being late is one of my pet peeves I HATE TO BE LATE it is rude and if I was the boss and the people pulling in late were hauling in their Mcdonalds bad and still had to put on some of their make up I would go bat shit crazy
X.  x-rays you've had well dental and remember I swallowed that pin so there is that one
Y.  yummy foods I really like chips and cheese
Z.  zoo animal favorite monkeys they are just like us except they dont care who is looking when they pick their nose