Excitement and Disappointment

Yesterday Addi was sitting in my lap while I was cleaning in the spare bedroom and when she was getting down she fell and hit her mouth on the window sill. I saw it happening but could not help her. Throughout the day she would touch her lip and say hurrrts!

This morning when Justin came home from work he said he had a surprise. He had these pictures in his hand. I was so excited they are from when Addi was 1 week old. The photograoher had them hanging in her studio. The top one needs to be framed but the bottom one is a canvas and is ready to hang. He said that the lady that had done these called him a couple of weeks ago and wanted to give these to us!!!! I was so proud that her pictures were in her studio. Justin said that I had been meaning to call her because we need to do Addi's two year pictures and she said she decided not to do them anymore. I am SO disappointed. The pictures we bought from her are an investment but it is something I have Never Ever regreted

spending the money on. I loved all the pictures she took! But I am so happy to

A Birthday Party

Addi loves Mickey Mouse so I decided to get the Mickey Mouse cake. I guess you only get to pick the theme their first birthday!

Addi and her buddy Rylie. Rylie is so cute she is about 9 months younger but she is such a shorty!!

My Mom and my Aunt Berta

Me and my friend Gina and we got to meet her and Justin's baby girl Mallory she is so cute!!!

Cooper and Carson what cute brothers I think this picture is so cute!

Addi and Morgan. Morgan is my cousin Leslie's daughter she is always so sweet to Addison and Addi just goes right to her.

This year we had Addi's party at our house again. It was so good to see everyone and this year there were alot more kids! Three babies under a couple of months. I did not get pictures of everyone I need to get better at that! Thank you guys who came and spent the afternoon with us to celebrate Addi's Birthday!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Addison!!

I can't believe that Addi is TWO!! It doesn't seem possible. Addi is so much fun right now she is really talking and talking she can say pretty much anything she wants and she loves to color go to the gym and playing outside. Her favorite thing to play with is her dolls. She has 5 of them but is really partial to two of them. Addi weighs 29 pounds and in 34 inches tall at her two year check up. She is starting to potty train some. She is just getting so big and we love her so much!!
On her actual Birthday, I had to work so she spent the day with Justin they did come to eat lunch with me and we ate at her favorite place Chick-fil-a. She opened presents when I got home from work then went to eat. Her and her Dad enjoyed a piece of Birthday Cake!! Happy Birthday Addison you are a very loved little girl!!!!



We had a great Christmas this year. Justin fixed a big breakfast and everyone came over for awhile then they all came back later in the afternoon. Janie and Brian got Addi these tunnels and she loved playing with them. Brian played in them with her forever. Addi was so fun this year she loved opening all her gifts and was so excited. Last year she did not even open all her gifts. My Aunt Berta got Addi a little car and she wanted to get into the car. I think this is the biggest fit I have ever seen her throw. The video was only the beginning it lasted about 30 minutes. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to look at Christmas lights. Addi was not in a good mood so it did not turn out like it was planned in my head. Oh well. Addi looked so cute waiting for Santa this year she was so fun!

This pic is not from Christmas Eve but I thought it was cute!

Time to catch up!

The day before Christmas Eve Justin surprised me with tickets to Cirque sola (that's not spelled right but I'm to lazy to look it up). This is the second time we have gotten to go and it was so GOOD! I was so excited that we got to go we went and ate before. It was nice to get to spend some time just the two of us. Justin is done with school now and it has been so nice having him at home. He is such a great help. The day before we went to Angel Fire Justin went to the gym took my mom to lunch cleaned the house and cooked all the food to take with us. He is way more productive than I am! We also celebrated our 6 year anniversary we did not get to do anything because Justin had to work but later this month my mom is keeping Addi and we are going to stay at a bed and breakfast! I am so thankful for Justin I love him so much!