Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day Justin!!! We had a good day yesterday (we celebrated on Saturday). For the most part we were LAZY! Justin watched golf for awhile and I didn't do much either. On Friday, I made J his favorite dessert. It was with strawberry and cream cheese and whip cream so GOOD! J got an I-phone and he loved it. I want to tell J thank you for ALL that he does. He is an amazing husband/dad/person. Addi and I are so blessed to have him. I hope he had a great day!

Today we went to see my mom's new house and hang out with her for awhile. J has to work. Father's day are definitely better now that we have Addi but today is still hard for me. My Dad died almost 7 years ago and things are much better than they use to be but I still can't help to think about what it would be like today if my dad was here. I would love to see him with Addi. When my dad was sick and for about a year after he died was the hardest time in my life. People would tell me how proud my dad was of me. It was always amazing to me that at the worst time of my life and all the bad decisions I made that my dad still found a reason to feel proud of me. I understand more now that I have Addi. But I really wish he could see my life now. Who knows maybe he can....


These are some of my favorite pictures from today. How cute is Addi in her pigtails? I love them and she actually kept them in most of the day. Today we got to meet Blakely, Joni and Chris's new baby. She is so cute! I am so happy for them! Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Father's Day because J has to work on Sunday. This year I wanted to make it a good day. Last year did not go as I planned. J was golfing a couple of times a week last summer so I was going to get him a new golf bag but let him pick it out. Instead he took his clubs in and had them regriped. I also got him a book about what being a dad means...it stayed in his car until a couple of months ago and now it is in the floor in the garage...guess he didn't like it (Never mind reading it) so I tried harder this year!



Today we had floods...real flooding. I did not notice the rain until about 5:45 this morning but just thought it was raining. Justin was at work and he had to start blocking intersections at 4 this morning so people would not pass by. I have never seen water like this it was POURING rain. J was suppose to have class but it was canceled so they could stay and help out. He was walking in water that was chest high. It was crazy cars my cars size had water past the windows! I feel bad for the people whose homes were damaged I don't think most people have flood insurance here...


Addi and I went swimming with Janie and Brian today. They have some friends that have a pool in their backyard. It was so pretty, I would LOVE to have a backyard like this one. We are looking forward to Justin being home tomorrow so we can spend some time together. Do you like Addi's new sippy cup haha


This picture is out of order but on Sunday evening J forgot his clothes for the next day so we took them to him and had ice cream at the station...Addi thought it was so fun at the station!!

Addi in deep thought about where to stick the next sticker

I came home from work and Addi had a new do...her hair is getting soooo long

We went swimming all weekend which is the thing to do when it is 100 degrees outside! Friday we went to my friend Joni's house to swim. She is having a baby in 2 weeks and we can't wait!!

Saturday we met Janie and UB (Brain) at the pool it was packed but we had fun. Addi loves to be in the water we all had a good time and were all worn out when it was time to go home

This is Addi's I'm fixin to get mad face

Addi looked so cute in this dress

I think that Addi was hinting that she wants a pool in our backyard so she does not have to swim in the dog bowl anymore haha