Snow Day # 3

Well yesterday was day # 3 of the snow. It was better yesterday because we were able to get out of the house and Sonic was open!! Justin shoveled the driveway while I cleaned and when he was finished he decided to build a snowman and as you can see that did not work out so well...so what does Justin decide to build a snow chair for Addi complete with a cup holder and an ottoman. Don't ask me why he thought of this because I have NO idea. So we bundled Addi up and sat her in her chair and as you can see she liked it. Man it is real work to bundle up a baby for the snow. What a cutie!!! Both of them actually...anyways...we met some friends to eat and usually Addi has a very BIG appetite but she would not eat anything and she felt like she had a temp so when we got her home we got her some tylenol and she seemed ok. This morning she woke up at 6 with a temp I brought her to bed with me and she was so snuggly. It is so sad when you know your baby isn't feeling well so mostly I have just been holding her she is sleeping in her bed now. I think she is teething. She still only has 4 teeth...hopefully she will start to feel better.


Snow Day # 2

On snow day # 2 Justin had to work so Addi and I did a little sewing. Do you recognize the material in the first one?? It was left over from Addi's bedding. I just got it back from having her name embroidered on it. Maybe I should just get an embroidery machine hmmm... the next one is a pillow case dress and the third I put on a onsie that she doesn't wear anymore for Valentines Day...Justin has not been busy today guess everyone is really staying inside. It has been snowing all morning and it is still coming down it looks so pretty! Oh and the place that I have Addi's name put on things asked if I would be interested in making dresses to sell in their store...how nice was that!

Snow Day # 1

Winter Storm Day # 1...I went to work on Thursday and all of the patients had canceled so we got to leave at about 11:00 YIPPEE! When I left for work it was sleeting and when I left it was getting icy outside...so once I was home we did not go anywhere. So what do we do on a snow day??? Well...

Addi does some pull ups...her daddy is only there to spot her she can do 10 haha

We blow kisses!
And we just hang out in our sweats take a little nap watch a movie have a fire! Well what a way to spend a Thursday. Added bonus I got paid for the whole day!


Winter Storm...WHAT

Yep we are suppose to get another winter storm this week! Justin school for Thursday is already cancelled so maybe just maybe we will have a short day at work on Thursday or better yet we won't have a work day Thursday! Let it Snow! I guess I could just hang out with these guys! It is suppose to start tomorrow with ice into Thursday and then some snow. Janie said she saw on internet 12-20 inches yikes!!!!



Addi went to have her pictures for her first birthday done on Friday. It went really good. If you want to see some of them you can go to apriljacksonphotography.com and there is one on the home page then if you click on portfolios and go to babies she is in there too! I love them!


Date Night

On Friday Justin and I had a much needed date night. My mom came over to stay the night with Addi so we could do some shopping and go out. Justin was in desperate need of some new jeans. Justin and I have been doing weight watchers since the middle of October. Justin has lost almost 30 lbs and I have lost about 13 lbs. It was really nice to go shopping when you are excited about the clothes and they are in a smaller size. So we went to the mall Justin got new jeans and new shirts I got new skinny jeans that I actually like and some new boots. Then we went and ate and it was so good! When you are on weight watchers and you save your points and get to use them it taste sooooo good and then we had a hotel room for the night. It was so nice spending time with my husband. It is nice having my mom here and being able to do things with Justin. He started paramedic school last week so we do not get to see him so much. Here is an example of our week...this week he will be gone Mon Wed Fri meaning he leaves for work at about 6 to 6:30 a.m. and he gets off shift the following day at 7 a.m. Then he has school on Tues and Thurs so he will not be home on those days until 7:30 p.m. so he is gone alot. Next Friday, Addi has her pictures and I am so excited about them. I am taking her back to the lady that did them when she was born. (After a big debate with Justin) I thought she did a wonderful job and it is something that I want to do once a year. I found a dress for her on etsy that I will take pic of and show you guys.


Addi had a great Birthday party! We had her party on Sunday and she had a great time! It was so nice to have everyone here. Thank you to everyone that made time to come help us celebrate! I was a little nervous having everyone over because I was not sure what we would do but it turned out well most everyone that was here had been here together before. We ate cake and icecream and just hung out. Addi has gotten so grown up. She walks EVERYWHERE I can not remember the last time I saw her crawl so she was so excited to show off to all of her guests! Addi had a great Birthday!!


Addi had a great Birthday party and we are so thankful for everyone that came. I will tell you more about it when I upload the pictures....
One thing that I have learned with having Addi is how good it makes you feel when someone makes a big deal about YOUR baby. This is one of many things that I am going to work on this year. It makes you feel so good when someone just loves your baby don't you think? I am the type of person that does not mind being alone in fact I may like it a little too much it is not that I don't have a good time when I do things with friends it is just that sometimes I do not think about going to do things because for the most part I do not get bored by myself esp now that I keep busy with Addi. So I just want to invest more time in people that are important to me I want to spend more time with them. Just make a big deal over your friends it makes you feel happy and it is so nice when the favor is returned!!
Oh and we cashed in our change (we save it until these 2 vases are full) and we got $280 YEA!!!
So that means date night for Justin and me on Friday and Friday night I am so looking forward to that! Our sonic drinks just went up to $2.05 so my change jar is filling up pretty fast ...I let them keep the change like once a week what about you guys am I stingy lady or do you guys get your change back when you only order a drink???



I was really irritated this week and Gina and Jennifer tell me what you think here is the deal (everyone else you are not going to care one bit about this)...I had a pt scheduled for SRP name sounded familiar but could not place her so was looking through chart. This is a pt who when I first came to the office was having perio mnt appts done but being billed for regular prophy. On her first visit (with another hygienist) her last cleaning was SRP done 2 years ago and she had 5-6 mm ppds with bleeding...if this was my new pt I would have told her she needed SRP again you agree?? But anyways she did "prophy" on lower and had her come back next week to do "prophy" on upper. Well when I first saw the lady who does not keep up with cleaning that she was going to be charged perio mnt for now on she is not a regular prophy patient. She said fine well insurance keeps denying her perio mnt because she does not have SRP history. So when I was on maternity leave the temp did a debridement. She returned when I came back and she did have some improvements but still 4-5 mm with some bop. I rcmd perio med to pt and to keep up with 3MRC and if no improvement than I think SRP. So what happened is the front desk lady told her that she thinks she should just sch for SRP and that way insurance may pay for perio mnt appts. Which I am not sure what they will pay for since we have been billing peiro mnt they deny then we bill SRP???? Anyways I was pissed at front desk girl...I felt like and told her that it is for me and the doctor to decide what the pt needs and she should not rcmd something else based on what she thinks insurance will pay. I feel like she stepped on my toes and should not have done this....what do you think...do you have pt that you wish would just go away because of something the other hygienist was doing for them that you are not willing to do....like doing prophy on pt you know needs scaling thanks for letting me vent!

Happy First Birthday Addison!!!

Tuesday was Addi's first Birthday! I can not believe it! Justin had school until about 7:30 so we waited for him to get home then we had cake! We had to get a practice cake and let her dig in before her party YUMMY! It is really hard to have her Birthday right after Christmas so we got her a pink car...the kind that they sit in but push with her feet. It is still in the garage and plan on getting it out when we can play outside. I also got her some pink converse that are so cute but does anyone else have so much trouble getting the shoes on it is like her heel will not go all the way in but they are not too small...very frustrating!!! Well the day after her birthday we had to go to the doctor for check up he said she is doing great she weighs 20.12 lbs she is still little..and is 29 inches long what a big girl. We are starting whole milk now so that means we are on our LAST can of formula yippee!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the big birthday party so I will fill you in and let you know how it goes. Hope everyone had a good week!

Well Christmas is finally over for us...no more Christmas tree no more stockings it is all put away! I love getting all of the Christmas out but am so glad to put it up and get my house back in order. What about you guys put it away of leave it until February? Well last Saturday we had our final Christmas with my moms side of the family. Addi and I drove to Elk City to see everyone. We had a good time but it was a long day! Here is Addi with her best friend Zoey and then with my grandpa and I just had to post the last one how cute is she with her four little teeth?!!!!