Oklahoma State Fair

We enjoyed the fair this year. Easton slept the whole time and Addi enjoyed the animals the rides and the fair food. The sweet lemonade is mine and Addis favorite.

Random Things

--we had two interviews with potential babysitters this week and it really stressed me out I am just so glad that we will only need someone a couple of times a week at the most
--the transition from one to two babies was easier for me than from none to one I feel like it just came easier this time
--I wish Justin and I would have made more use of our time before we had kids
--I wish we would have went to the movies more, drank more, and worked out more (the last one is me not Justin)
--Being a dental hygienist is not my dream job...I know it really is surprising that cleaning nasty teeth is not my dream job but I would like to do photography or have a boutique store that had flowers home decor and maybe some baby stuff in a small town
--Justin is reading a book right now and this is the first time that I have EVER seen him read I read all the time but do not have a book now. I never knew how ANNOYING it is when someone is reading and you are just sitting there
--everyone thinks I hate football...not true I just do not like to watch it ALL DAY LONG every weekend and now it seems ever weekday
--I read that breastfeeding burns around 650 calories a day I had two cupcakes today and a couple of hours later I had to have peanut butter crackers I felt so shaky no self control
--I am trying to grow my hair out and it is really getting on my nerves. I did get it done today and it feels so much better and looks so much better my roots were out of control
--when Justin got his job he knew that unless something major happens that this is where he will retire from...I have never had a job that I could say I would be there this time next year. Justin loves his job and never dreads going that is kinda annoying sometimes
--my favorite job I ever had was working at the grocery store doing the books I liked organizing all the cash drawers putting things in order and just doing book work
--when Justin is at work I watch keeping up with the kardashians even if its one i have seen a thousand times


4 Weeks

4 weeks??!! I can not believe it. Easton had his well baby check on Tuesday and the doctor said he is doing great. He weighs 10.2 lbs and he is 22 inches long. I just love this little boy so much!
I have always known Addison and Easton were blessings and I always thank God for them. But today I have really been thinking about what blessings they are and how thankful I am that God chose me to be their mom. Janie had her baby today now Lilly is in heaven. I just want to hold my babies tight and I am so thankful I have them and they are here with me. Please pray for Janie and Brian. I can not begin to imagine what their life is like right now. I don't know what to do for her so I just pray.



We went to Amarillo this weekend so that Easton could meet his Great Grandma cousins and Aunts and Uncles. It took forever to get there but we finally made it. Easton really did good we just had to stop so I could feed him and that took up some time. We had a great weekend and Addi always has so much fun. It was a good weekend.

This was so cute...I put Easton in Addis bed so I could get her clothes gathered up and she wanted to read him a story it is so fun seeing her interact with him. She definately loves him.


My mom came over on Saturday, we cooked out and played with Addi. My mom has lived here for almost 2 years now. I lived in a different town than her for 9 years. I am so glad she lives here and gets to be apart of Addi and Eastons life. Addi loves her!This is how I found Addi the other day she was feeding her baby. This girl does not miss a thing. After I feed Easton she says mom go pump.

Here is my family of 4!! We were headed on a date night and Addi was headed to the Y.


Perfect Friday Afternoon

A perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon if you ask me...
a picnic at the park a little chick fil a and then play time
all followed by a nap we ALL took a nap at the same time the only noise was Sherman and Zoey snoring.
Tonight is parents night out at the gym so Justin and I get to go eat with Easton while Addi plays at her favorite place. Would someone please tell me why why why I thought it was so difficult to go out to eat with a newborn when I had Addi???? Happy Friday!


Day Two

Today was our second day for Justin to be at work. Janie came by and we took Easton and Addi on a walk. The adult conversation was nice and I was very thankful for the diet coke!
We played in the sandbox. We are loving the weather! What a difference a week has made.

Easton took a little nap or two.

And Addi's baby had a doctors appointment.
If you want to see Eastons newborn pictures they are at
Can't believe he will be two weeks tomorrow


Labor Day Weekend

After being off for 2 weeks, Justin had to go back to work on Tuesday so we made the best of our weekend. Friday Addi and Justin went swimming and Easton and I watched then went to lunch together.
Saturday...Justin and Easton stayed home to watch some football while I had a lunch date with Addi we went to Chick-fil-a of course ate and played. Easton has 3 Texas outfits he peed on all three of them on Saturday...maybe he is not to into Texas ( or maybe Mom is still figuring out diapers for boys???)
Went to a birthday party on Sunday and then some of my family came to meet Easton. We had a good time but I didn't take and pictures :(

Easton can finally take a bath in the tub and this face pretty much tells how he felt about that.
We also went to the zoo on Monday with my mom and again no pictures.
Easton had an appointment last Wednesday dr said he looks great. He weighed 8.12 this time and was 22 inches long he is such a big boy. We also had newborn pictures taken so cant wait for those.


I went in for my 40 week appointment and there had been no changes. So our plan was to go in on the 25th at 5 and start the cervadil until morning then start petocin around 7 a.m. We had a great day together just the three of us one more time. We all headed to the hospital at 5 and got checked in. The nurse placed the cervadil around 6:30 and by this time Justin's parents had made it so they all went to eat diner. While they were gone the nurse came in and said that Eastons heart rate had dropped so I had to change position several times and she was in there for about 15 minutes. She said everything was fine but was going to call the doctor to let him know. She came back in about 10:30 and said the same thing was happening so she took the cervadil out and called the dr and said he was coming in to check everything. I was already starting to have contractions but just the tightening kind they were not painful yet. The dr got there and when he walked in I was on my way to the bathroom and he said something about breaking something...I freaked out a little when I came out I asked the nurse what did he say and she said he is going to break your water. I thought I would have a little rest tonight guess not. So he broke my water and we started petocin around midnight. The contractions started coming closer and harder and by one I was ready for some pain meds. The demerol took the edge off and around 2 I was ready for my epidural. From 2-4 I was so relaxed and really felt pretty good. When I had Addi I also had an epidural but it basically took the edge off I was not completely numb this time it was so much better! At about 3:30 the nurse checked me said I was an 8 then around 4 I was a 10! This went so fast! I started pushing at 4:04 and little Easton was here at 4:11 and he is perfect!!
40 weeks last big belly picture!Last picture of a family of three
Easton John Mann 8.9 lbs 20.5 inches 4:11 a.m.

He is perfect and Addi is CRAZZZY about him. Justin and I are very thankful!