Easton's Room

I wish I was better at taking pictures but here is Eastons room. A couple of weeks ago Justin's mom came and stayed the weekend and did all the bedding. As I said before, I wanted to do firetrucks but never could find anything I liked. I am so happy with the way his room turned out. I love the reds and blues together and the vintage cowboy. I found the dresser at an antique store and thought it went with the room. It feels good to have it all ready for him.
Addi has been going to bed a LITTLE better. She likes to play like she is the mom and she is trying to get me to go to bed. It is pretty funny because she knows exactly what to say. Today she said shut up and dont get out of the bed again...I do NOT say shut up....I said what did you say to me and she thought for a second and she said PLEASE shut up and dont get out of bed again. Sometimes it is so hard to not laugh!


A Lake Trip

We decided that we needed to take a mini trip before the baby was born and since the lake is not far from here we decided to go. We really had a good time it was so relaxing. Our day was waking up going swimming, lunch,nap, swim, dinner, smores, swim, bed time. Addi had a great time and isn't it always nice to just get away for a few days??
I have Eastons room done and will do that post later I love the way it turned out but I am going to watch Big Brother now. Anyone else love this show as much as Justin and I do??

Eastons Baby Shower

I am so thankful to have a baby shower for the second baby. It was nice to get all the cute stuff because Justin and I did not need anything since we still have all of Addis things. Thank you to everyone that made the effort to come it was over a 100 degrees that day. I was so glad to see everyone. Justin and I also had a garage sale that weekend so it was busy! I could only last until about 10 so Justin helped out alot.

I wish I would have got better pictures of everyone sometimes I dont feel like taking pictures because then I don't get to talk to everyone as much. Joni and Janie did a great job they had cake pops and the they put the lemonade in the mason jars. I had a great time got some great stuff and enjoyed everyone.

35 weeks and Addi

This week I was 35 weeks and I started going to the dr every week. This week was nice because Justin got to go with me because Janie came over to watch Addi. We went to the dr then to lunch then to a movie. I keep thinking each time we get to do something this may be the last time for awhile or this may be the last time as a family of 3!
The appointment went fine my dr is going to be gone for a week and he said he does not see me having the baby this week. I still have to wait until 37 weeks to do the ultrasound to see if I am actually further along so we will see. I started thinking last night and even though I am hot and uncomfortable (that is the word I am going to use) I want to stop wishing my time to pass by faster. I am trying enjoy Addi and doing things with her and being home. I thought maternity leave went by so fast last time and I am in no huge hurry to go back to work. Just wish staying home had the same pay check. Tomorrow we are going to have maternity pictures done.
We (more Justin than me) decided Addi was to big for a baby bed. The first couple of nights went fine she never got up and did great. Well not so much anymore. She gets up to use the bathroom which I am glad for but she does not go right back to bed she cries and cries and cries. It started at being up for about 2 hours now we are at around 45 minutes. It is exhausting to say the least! She loved the bath paints
Here is Addi before we went to the movies on Tuesday she looks SOOO Big!!!


4th of July

Addi and I were watching the fireworks and she put her arm around my neck such a sweet girl!

This year we went to a friends house for the 4th. It was so hot when we got there but it ended up being good because we had some cloud coverage so I was able to sit in the heat some. It was nice and relaxing all the kids played in the pool and we cooked out and just hung out. Last year we were in Florida and next year we will have 2 kids...crazy!


I have lots to catch up on...trips (small ones) baby shower 4th of July and of course Addi
Justin went to Amarillo on one of his four days to spend some time with his family. I wasn't able to go because the dr does not want me traveling that far so I stayed at home for 4 days by myself. It was really nice to be home alone but I missed them! It is the longest I have been without Addi sure makes you wonder what you use to do. I had to go to the doctor got my hair done and a pedicure and me and my mom and Janie went to eat and then shopping it was fun but I just can't take a lot of this heat it is so freaking hot!!
Justin and Addi had a great time in Amarillo Josh and Jace and Judson were all there so Addi got to play with her cousins when she came home she would say "where are my boys at." I think they swam at least a couple of times a day and just played. I am glad Justin got to go and see everyone.