Is Addi really old enough for school?  A couple of weeks ago it was time to register for preschool. Where we live it is a lottery system you put your name in one time for each school you would be willing to drive your child to and they draw names. Obviously the further you are willing to drive them the better chance they have at getting a spot. I

I thought long and hard about what to do. First Addi would like to go to school. She wants to learn. Second I do not want her to be behind when she goes to kindergarten. But....it's everyday and I am usually home with her 2-3 days during the week j is usually home once. We do stuff we go to library zoo and science museum alot at least one of them once a week. I want to be home with her. I have Seen how fast time goes and decided I don't want her to go this next year I want her at home. With me.  I am sure she will love kindergarten Next year.

Oh and she is genius she won't be behind :)



Saturday we decdied to have a family day and drive to Tulsa to the aquarium.  The last time we went I was barely pregnant with Easton.

Addi pouting 

We had a good time and everyone was tired when we got home.  Easton liked all the running around he got to do and Addi liked all of the fish. 

18 months

 18 Months
 How can that be???
February 26, 2013