Last weekend we went to Amarillo to see Justins grandparents. His Grandma was in the hospital and his Pops is not doing very well. Justin has the best Grandparents they were great when Justin was little and really try to be apart of our lives now. I just want them to know how much we love them. We hope things get better for you guys and are praying for all of you.

Justin called Janie and begged and cried (actually he just asked) for her to watch Addi so we could go out to dinner together. So I took a shower, took Addi to Janie's and went and ate some sushi! It was soo good...I think the best sushi we have had it was so nice to spend some time alone with Justin! His work schedule has been really hard and it is just getting started this is how his week went.
Mon school 8-5
Tues work 7 am to 7 am on Wed
Wed 8-5 school
Thurs 7 am to 7 am on Fri work
Fri 8-5 school then 7 pm to 7am Saturday morning clinical
Sat 7am to 7 am Sun morning work
Yep it sucks but he does have a couple of hours tonight so Addi and I are going to have dinner with him. We kinda miss him!!

The top picture is just to show what a nice looking husband I have :)


Today and yesterday have been gloomy, rainy days. Yesterday was a good day though. Addi and I stayed home and got the house clean before J came home from class. Sometimes it is a good day to just stay home and get things done that haven't gotten done during the week. Today we were suppose to go to the zoo but because it is rainy and kind of cold outside we did not go. Instead we took Addi to the Y to go "swimming." She had a really good time she loves to be in the water and will even fall off the side and let Justin catch her...even lets her face go under water. (Yikes). I may have not even taken a shower today. (Yikes). Happy weekend!



This week Justin took Addi to her 15 month check up. I know we all say it all the time but...wow it goes by so fast. He said she is doing great. She is 22 lbs and she is 30 in long. Justin felt bad for her because she had to have 3 immunizations and so he took her to Chick fil a for lunch. I asked them to come to lunch but he said he couldn't because they had a date. He took her to the Y to swim on Thursday and he said she did great. Justin is an amazing Dad. Addi and I are both very lucky to have him in our lives!


This week I have been reminded of all the things that I have to be thankful for. Sometimes or alot of times I know that I am blessed but never really stop to realize how blessed I am and to say thank you. I think of how easy it is for me to think of things that I wish were different about myself or think of things that I want and I am ashamed. This week I had a patient that had been hit by a train when he was two and was paralyzed. He came to the dental office (after the fire department came to get him out of bed) and he told me that it has been over a year since he has left his house. He is 24. I also found out that a girl I went to school with has a cancer, stage three, a brain tumor. She has three small children the baby born in December. I want to take the time to tell God thank you for all that you have given me Justin and I are truly blessed. I want to try harder to remember that tomorrow is not promised to us so make the best of today and love the people around you.

The girl I went to school with is Kaci please pray for her and her family. If you want to read her blog that her husband updates it is theronnes.blogspot.com



How cutie are Addi's pigtails! I love them!!
The definition of a good ponytail (according to me and Janie 20 SOMETHING years ago)...

First you had to sit on the toilet facing backwards so your mom could do the ponytail.
The only other person capable of a great ponytail was our Aunt Mary
Next you put mousse all over the top and smooth it down...lumps are not acceptable
Then you pull it very VERY tight it is ok if your eyes are now so squinty you really can't see or that you will have a headache when your hair is taken down
If for some unfortunate reason your ponytail becomes loose you split the tail and pull it so it is tight again
Our ponytails were so beautiful (kidding) and we would cry if our hair did not look good or if the ponytail became loose....such worries back then
Gotta go watch some basketball now, we need Butler to win (J promised me some shoes if he wins his bracket)!


My mom came to spend Easter Sunday with me and Addi. We had a good time just hanging out. It was so pretty out again today. We played outside almost all day. Addi loves to go outside Addi had two Easter baskets this year. I put a balloon in the one I gave her and some clothes. She really liked the balloon. My mom gave her a cute basket with some cute clothes and a soft bunny. Thanks Grandma!! One day last week Justin and Addi made a fort...must be a guy thing?? ...but Addi loved it she crawled thru several times and of course Sherman had to see what was going on.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Justin had to work on Friday and Sunday so we spent some time together on Saturday. We took Addi to a farm that they have close by. The weather was perfect it was warm but not hot and the wind wasn't too windy. Addi got to ride the carousel, jumpy on the bouncy pillows, see the animals and of course go on an egg hunt. I think she liked just being down and getting to walk around. Justin is the best dad! He is always out there playing with Addi he isn't sitting and watching. I love to see them together. We had a great day.