A Ski Trip

These people are going to be our ski buddies UB (Uncle Brian) and JJ

Justin loves to ski so this year we are going to go on a ski trip. We will be going in a couple of weeks. Justin is so excited. I have never been skiing before but isn't that how Sonny died?? Just kidding...I am excited too. I think we will have a great time and I am definately going to take lessons instead of Justin teaching me...haha. So we went to get skis stuff today. Anyways....Addi is 13 months old now...can't believe it! This past week she just has not been feeling well and I feel bad for her poor girl you can see the teeth coming thru but they still are under the gums. Somebody (her daddy) thinks that it is cute to let her walk by herself in the store someone else (her mommy) does not like this. The other day we were in Target and there was a lady talking to Addi and of course she walked right up to her and then she picked up Addi then she KISSED her yuck!!! I tried to do a little shopping yesterday and do you think Addi wants you to hold her or to ride in the cart since now that her Daddy lets her run wild? Needless to say we did not stay long and needless to say somebody (her Daddy) got to hear all about it.

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