One Long Week

This week was a horrible week at work. On Tuesday, everyone in the office (except for Dr G) got into a fight...so no one has spoke since early Tuesday morning. I have been really busy so at least I was preoccupied but it is really hard to want to go to work when there is 3 girls and everyone is mad! Sometimes I am jealous of Justin's work the only disagreements they seem to get into is what's for dinner or what to watch on tv haha. I hope this week better.

Anyways...this week my mom came and stayed with us. It is really nice to have her here and the help is always welcome! She even looked for a job and looked at houses too. She says that she would like to be here before September so we will see...I sure hope so.

Here are somethings that did make me happy this week...


Happy Father's Day Justin

I just wanted to tell Justin Happy Father's Day! I want to thank you for being such a great Dad to Addison...she is blessed to have a dad that loves her so much. It is so wonderful to watch you with her. For the past several years Father's Day has been a hard day for me so it is nice that it has a new meaning this year. I hoped for a daughter for you. Thank you for everything you do for us we love you and tell God thank you each day for bringing you into my life.

Also Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! Hope everyone is having a great Day! I wish we all lived closer together so we could spend the afternoon cooking out!!

Mann Family Trip

Last weekend we went to Sulpher Creek with Justin's family. It took Forever to get there but once we were there we had a good time. It was nice to see everyone and we really just hung out for the most part. We got to float the river at first we were going to take Addi then decided not to so everyone went while we napped then we went again and Kenny stayed with Addi and Judson. This was the first time Justin's parents have
had all grandkids together.

5 Months Old

Addison is now about 5 and a half months old! It really is true that time flies when you have kids. She is changing so fast. She sleeps through the night most of the time. She is trying really hard to sit up but is still a little wobbly. She has only formula bottles now and has no problems with them. She laughs out loud and smiles at everyone. She has become so aware of everything around her. She loves Sherman and Zoey thinks they are so funny. Zoey will let her grab onto her and sit by her. Sherman is still a little upset and goes to the end of the couch if she even looks at him. Her are some pics of her being cute.

Addi's First Lake Trip

A few weekends ago we took Addison to the lake for the first time. One of the guys that Justin works with has a camper and they invited us to the lake. We did not get out there until about 7 so Addi did not get to stay in the water for very long. But I was so excited for her to wear her swimming suit. She looks so cute in it. We did not end up staying the night because I was still breast feeding some and it is just easier at home. So we swam a little and then cooked out before heading home. Maybe next year it will be easier with her at the lake and we can go more often.