Happy Valentines Day

It is a good thing that we played outside yesterday because it is SNOWING! I know I can't believe it. Addi and I are suppose to meet my mom for lunch today but not sure now since its a blizzard...ok maybe not blizzard but really...more snow!!??
How cute is my little Valentine? This is an outfit my aunt and uncle got for her.

Justin and I celebrated Valentines Day yesterday because he has to work today. We really did not do a lot mostly just hung out together. I did make him his favorite dessert and it was so good even Addi agreed!

Addi is truly a mommas girl she loves to brush her teeth or maybe just suck the toothpaste off.

Here is the strawberry dessert that I made Justin the filling is cool whip, cream cheese and sugar and it is so good.

When we put Addi to bed Justin went and picked up sushi. I love sushi it is one of my favorite things. For a couple of years I could not imagine eating this stuff and now we have it at least once a week. YUM! We also watched The Couples Retreat. It was cute but not as good as I expected. We had a good time sometimes isn't it nice to be lazy at home???

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