Well it has been awhile again and I am not sure why. Not alot going on here. Justin was off all weekend so that was nice. On Friday, we cleaned and got all the laundry done. How nice is it to sit and watch a movie in your clean house? We went and got new phones and then on Saturday Justin and Brian and some other friends went to the OU Texas game. He had a great time and me and Addi just hung out at home. Today has been a nice lazy Sunday...my favorite kind of Sunday!

UMMM Frosting!!

For Justins Birthday he wanted a cookie cake with the frosting between the two cookies so we has one made for him. A couple of days later, I was eating a piece and I just can't do all the frosting so while I was setting on the couch I scraped all the frosting off and put it in my napkin. When I was done I folded the napkin up and put it in my empty cup and sat it on the floor. Yes because I was too lazy to get up and do it right away. Well I got distracted and Addi was being really still and really quiet those are two bad signs....

Guess Addi is an OU fan!!!

Justin and I were going on our date night and my mom stayed with Addi for us.


It's been awhile

Well it has been awhile...I guess I have just been busy and I have also been reading a really good book in my spare seconds so I am a little behind. I find it very hard to use the computer when I have a small monkey crawling all over me :). So what have we been up to you ask well.....
-Justin and I have been on two dates, yes that is correct two! The first one my mom was in town so she came and stayed with Addi. We went to eat sushi and then we went to Target haha our date was very short notice and we were not ready to go home yet so we looked at halloween costumes. So nice to eat an entire uninterrupted meal together! Then last Thursday I came home from my run and Justin was pacing Addi in the car to go to her Aunt Janie's. Janie and Brian watched her while Justin made dinner for me bought me flowers and took me to the movies. It was very nice to spend some time with him. We saw the informant...not so great anyways can't wait until my mom gets here so we can go on more frequent dates!

ADDI...she is getting so big dr appointment tomorrow so I will tell you just how big later. She will be 9 months tomorrow...man how did that go so fast??? Well she can pull up on everything and she can stand by herself some before falling over. She can say mama the sweetest sound ever! and she has about half of a tooth on the bottom left and the one on the right has barely broken through. She is so cute.

Justin turned 30!!!! We had a party for him last night and had a good time. Brian has a projection screen so we hooked it up in the backyard and all the guys got to watch the game out there. I guess Addi is going to be an OU fan because she cried when she had her Texas shirt on but was a happy girl with her OU shirt on...smart girl:). Justin is suddenly very into golf...only played twice since we moved here now plays about twice a week so he got golf stuff for his birthday. Well I will put up some pics later when Addi is in bed!!!!