Simple Pleasures

On Kellys blog she wrote about her simple pleasures so I thought I would do the same...

1. Reading

2. Going to lunch with Justin

3. Diet coke, sushi and skinny cows

4. When a stranger stops you to tell you how beautiful your baby is

5. Addi's laugh...anything Addi actually

6. Figuring out that my treadmill has a fan

7. thunderstorms in the morning or at night

8. gettin my hair done

9. a good friend

10. getting to leave work a little early

11. sleeping in...I miss that!

12. a date with Justin

1 comment:

swim said...

My 7 year old daughter was doing a search on her name, which is Addi Mann also (although Addi IS her first name - not shortened). Not a common name! :-)