Some Sad News

On Friday, Addi had her first bottle of formula. I did not think I would be sad but I really was. I was thankful that she did fine, no tummy ache acted like it was just a breast milk bottle. I just have not been getting as much milk as I was and it was really starting to stress me out. I am still going to breast feed but I will give her a bottle probably one time a day for now. Was anyone else sad when they had to do formula???
It was good to see you Gina! Thanks for stopping by to meet Addi!


Memorial Day Weekend

I had a nice long weekend. Dr. Guthrie took off at about noon on Wednesday so we worked until noon on Thursday and then we were done! On Thursday Justin and I worked on the floors all day. I get the exciting jobs like pulling all the finishing nails out of the base boards and holding the boards while Justin saws. On Thursday evening Joni brought over her rainbow vacuum it was her moms before and it was about 20-25 years old. I LOVED it! It really got so much of the dust off of everything and really picked up the dog hair. I worked on cleaning until around 11:30 that night. The dust was so bad that it got in all of the cabinets and we had to clean out all cabinets and wash every dish we own. Good way to make yourself clean out your drawers. Then on Friday Justin had to work so I cleaned and cleaned. My friend Cody came over to help clean for most to the day...very sweet friend:). On Sunday, my mom came to stay the week. It was so nice to have her here. She just holds Addi most of the time. Justin and I even got to go on a date while she was here...we went and ate sushi and it was so good! I can not believe that I like it. This afternoon we are on our way to go have Addison's pictures made...hope for a happy baby! Last night she went to bed at 9:30 did not get up until 9:10 this morning!!!!!!!!!

I can not for the life of me figure out how to turn these stupid pics someone please HELP

New Floors

So we almost have the flooring done and almost all of the dust out of the air. My allergies have been horrible this week but I guess it is worth it! Justin still has to do a few things and then the floors will be done. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Here are some pics before and after and that is Sherman standing proudly by his art work.


What a Mess!!

SO the flooring project has turned out to be a big ol mess! Justin and I did not get all the tile up last night since we started around 8 and then had a break to go get ice cream at braums....I told Justin that I would love to have at least the living room done when I came home for lunch haha. Justin and Josh got all the rest of the tile up this morning and had to go to Norman to rent a sander to get the rest of the tile up ( the stuff that sticks the tile to the concrete...) but after that they will be ready to install. All of the flooring is in the garage and I am very excited. It is called antique oak and it has wide planks. I think it will be so nice when we or Justin finishes. He had to move the frig, stove and dishwasher out and we have a fine white powder all in the air. Janie took Addi to her house this morning so that they would not have to listen to it and hopefully Addi could get some sleep. I will put up pics of my big mess later! It really makes me nervous when my house is all torn apart I would not do good if this was like this all the time crazy!!

Addison slept from 11-7 last night, it was so very nice to wake up to my alarm clock this morning! Five years ago I would have never ever thought I would feel refreshed after 7 hours of sleep. Remember how much we could sleep Gina? Haha!


Home Project

We have been wanting new flooring for awhile now and Justin and I decided to just do do it. So about 7:30 last night we ripped out all the carpet in the living room and down the hall. Thanks to our little angel Sherman it was GROSS GROSS! So tonight we are taking out tile and then tomorrow Justin and his friend Josh are going to install the floor...I will put some pics up later and tell you more I am just so excited!

The Lion King was wonderful I loved it. After the show we went and ate sushi...new to me and I loved it definitely have to go again! Addi slept from 11 to 5 last night so very nice!!!


Mothers Day Weekend

Congratulations Amy!! My older sister graduated from nursing school on Friday. She has been going to school in the evenings and on her days off for awhile now so I know it is a relief to be done. My mom got to come for her graduation and my aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy also got to come it was nice to see everyone and we are all proud of Amy!!

On Sunday we did not do alot we went to Amys house for breakfast and to see my mom before she had to leave. I wish she could have stayed longer. When we came home we all took a very long nap. Addison was exhausted from all the company and also because she did not feel good all weekend from her shots. It is so exhausting when they just cry and cry and cry:( For Mothers Day Justin got us tickets to see The Lion King. I am very excited they do the play all over the world so we go on Sunday cant wait and I will let you know how it goes! Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day!! I tried to take some pics of all three of us...not the best Addi looks like she is scared to be part of our family but they made me laugh!


OMG...Did I just sleep all night???

On Thursday, Addi went to Dr and he said to start giving her cereal in morning and night. Last night we got home around 11 and Addi went to bed this morning when Justin got up at...5 she was still sleeping!!!!!! Since we have been getting up about 3 times a night it felt like I had just slept for days! Oh it was so nice!
Addi now weighs 13.4 lbs and is 25 inches long.



This past weekend we went to Amarillo to visit Justin's family. I got off at noon on Thursday so we got an early start. It was nice to see everyone. On Friday night Justin had some of his friends from high school and their families over for a cook out. Everyone has kids now! It was beautiful when we got there on Thursday but the rest of the weekend it rained and it was cold! It was nice to see everyone and let them see how big Addi is getting. We came home late Saturday night so we could have a day at home before back to work. I'll put some pics up later (does anyone else think its a pain to get the camera hooked up??).

Addi is 4 months now! I can not believe how big she has gotten and it is true that time flies. Tomorrow she goes for her checkup for more shots. I am excited to see how big she is and she will also start eating! I tried the cereal a couple of times but have not done it since so hopefully it will fill her up and she will SLEEP!!!