The rest of our Memorial Day Weekend

I dipped pretzels in almond bark then put sprinkles on them...yummy!!!
On Saturday night, all three of us went to night golf. Addi did great just rode in the cart and ran around. Justin may have a new golf buddy...

Sunday morning we went to the zoo. We went early but it was already sooo hot!!! We just stayed a little while mostly I think Addi just liked waking around and not having to be in her stroller. They have a new childrens area that it really nice for the smaller kids.

This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend aren't they so cute!!!!!

Sunday evening Janie and Brian and my Mom came over to cook out. We had a good time hanging out together. I did not get any pictures but glad they came over. On Monday, I cleaned my house and worked out...I love to start the week with a clean house. Then my mom came over and Justin and I went on a date. It is so nice to get away for a couple of hours. We had sushi...yummy...then went to the movies we saw MaGruber...hehe. Now it's back to work tomorrow but only for three days!!!!!!!!!!


I love plants and flowers. Justin and I have been slowly but surely getting our house ready for summer. Last year we were kind of slackers so I think our house looks so much better.

Before I had Addi when Justin had to work sometimes I would stay home all day and read or clean or I really can't remember what else NOW I try to find things for us to do it makes us have a better day if we have something to do. So today we went to the Dollar store and got a sprinkler and an ice cream. Addi was not so excited about the sprinkler. She eventually let me carry her through the water. She loved the ice cream!! In the last picture she is trying out a cupcake yummy!!!



I am so excited we booked our vacation today!!! Justin will have one week off this summer and we thought at first that we wanted to go to Mexico just the two of us or just adults but since J is gone all the time with school he said he wanted to do something all together. Sooo we are going to Destin Florida in July. I am so excited we are going with some friends who also have a baby and my mom is going to go. We have rented a house and will be staying for a week!! At first Justin wanted to drive ( I DO NOT) so we are going to fly...

This weekend we did our flower beds I will have to post some pictures later it looks so much better really looking forward to summer!


Today Addi and I had a great day together. Justin had school and has a clinical tonight so we will not see him until tomorrow. We decided to just hang out today. We played outside all day long. I love to just watch Addi it is so funny to see what she decides to do and play with. Today she was playing with her bubbles and she decided to pour them on top of the ice chest. She then decided that she needed to rub her hands in this sticky mess. Then she thinks it is a good idea to rub her hands all over the back door. She did this for about 20 minutes...amazing what occupies their time! Tomorrow is an exciting day for me. We are all going to breakfast in the morning when Justin gets home. Then for Mother's Day Justin scheduled me a massage and manicure and pedicure THEN I have saved up my $500 so I get to go shopping! I have been looking forward to this all week!!!!

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy gave Addi some dress up high heels and she does pretty good in them!


I love the weekends...but why do lunch hours and weekends go by so fast? My pictures are all out of order but here is the table Tommy made for Addi. Isn't it so cute I love it Thanks again guys! Last night, my mom, Addi and I went to my Aunt Berta's house for dinner. My moms other sister Becky was in town with her two grand kids. We had spaghetti tacos...don't ask and believe me you will not want the recipe haha. So Addi go to play with Dylan Levi and Kaylee (all are my cousins kids). I like taking Addi to be around other kids since most of the time she is around adults and dogs all day. Dylan LOVED her he is 11 he was so sweet to her and played with her all night she even had to tell him no no a couple of times so she could walk! Today we went to Coopers Birthday party he turned 4 and Addi got to play with some more kids that were closer to her age. She was good. I just managed to get a pic of her for some reason. Hope you had a great weekend...guess it is back to work tomorrow (dr will be gone Mon and Tues) yippee!!


Jump Zone

Friday was a rainy day...again. Justin happened to not have school so we had to find something to do. We all went to Jump Zone and I think Addi had a good time. We had to go in the inflatables that there weren't many kids in but she had fun just getting out of the house. They have 5 huge inflatables and 4 big (we called them swing sets) play yards. I thought Addi liked slides but she has now decided that is not all that fun as you can see in picture above.
We had a busy day today I met my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy because he made Addi a table and chairs. IT IS SO CUTE! I love it and I will get some pictures but she looks so cute sitting at this tiny little table. They are so good to us not only did Addi get the table and chairs she also got a whole new wardrobe from them complete with jewelry and sunglasses. Thanks guys we love the table!


a hole

On Wednesday night we had a storm come through at about 3 in the morning. Justin was home and it woke us both up. I was going back to sleep when Justin said do you hear that? I thought he just meant the storm. BUT Justin says it sounds like someone is peeing in the kitchen floor. We have a leak. I did not think we had any damage from the storm Monday but I guess we have a hole about the size of your fist. UGHHHHHH!


Mothers Day and a panic attack (kinda)

I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day. I am so blessed to have Addi. I just never imagined how much I could love her. I had a great day. Justin was home so we spent the morning together and then my family came over for supper. Justin was so sweet to me. He sent me flowers but they never came (he even showed me his receipt haha). Justin has sent me flowers 3 times since we have been here and every single time they have not came until after the day. He also bought me a necklace that has not arrived either so I'll show you when I get it. I am so blessed to have Addi and Justin! Addi has been teething for about two weeks now poor girl is getting 6 teeth in. I hope Dorothy and my Mom had a great day we love you both!
Now about the panic attack. Yesterday we had tornadoes. I have never been afraid of storms and I even kinda like a thunderstorm. I was on my way home and so Janie said she and Addi would wait for me to go to her in-laws basement. I did not make it in time to go so the neighbors said we could come to their storm shelter in the garage. Thanks that is nice. So there were 5 adults and two babies in this little room. It was so freakin tiny!! He shut the top and I really started sweating and thought I was going to throw up and could not breath no one else was having a problem. My neighbor gave me a cold sprite bottle to put on my neck. It was bad I think we were in there about 45 minutes. It is about the size of my pantry but not very deep I couldn't stand up all the way. SCARY. Justin was (surprise) at work. We survived but there was damage all around us and some people were killed.