Happy Fall

I am so glad that fall is here! It even felt like it this morning and can't wait for Addi to wake up so we can go outside. Addi looked so cute this morning for church with her little boots and skirt on. Justin thinks she looks like a big girl with her ponytail. It is some work getting a ponytail in and you have to fix it a hundred times a day.
I have hated my bedroom for a long time. I have never had it decorated the way I want. It had random stuff in it and Justin and I could never decide on what we liked. Last weekend Justin said...next weekend why don't you go and get the bedroom stuff you like just get everything so it will be done. Ummm ok!!!!!! I got a new comforter, curtains, nightstand, sheets, lamp and wall stuff. Justin actually got his 4 days off this tour so he was so sweet and cleaned the whole house Thursday while I was at work..(coming home to a clean house is WONDERFUL)!!!!!! So Friday we got up early and went shopping. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

The only sad thing is with the new comforter no more dogs in the bed. The first night they pretty much cried the whole night and then last night they did not make a sound in their little beds. Justin put a treat in each one of their beds for them last night...Justin swears they are my dogs but he really loves them too.

I even had time to put out all my fall stuff. I love this time of year!


We changed our phone service so my new email is


and of course I did not save my contacts so if you guys could leave me your email that would be great


Happy Monday

It was a happy Monday! This was me and Addi's conversation before I went to work this morning...
me: Bye Addi love you
Addi: bye bye momma love you
Just like that. It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!


I found the bottom two pictures on Justin's phone and thought they were cute...
I have spent the weekend RELAXING and it has been so nice. I thought I should just hang out this weekend and that is exactly what we did. I have mentioned before that Justin and I were both doing weight watchers and I decided to take the weekend off from that too...I had pizza chick-fil-a and chinese IN THE SAME WEEKEND! It was pretty tasty. Tomorrow it is back to business I am going to run in a 5 K on October 9 so I am going to have to do some more serious running and back to weight watchers. I needed sometime with the people I love the most and that is how my weekend went.


Here is Addi and her BFF. I think she looks so big in her jeans and little shoes! I think she is for sure a toddler not a baby anymore. She is 20 months old now and weighs 25 pounds!

Well I got over my blah feeling and have had a great weekend so far. Friday my friend Joni and her baby Blakely came to visit and Justin watched both girls while we went to do a little shopping. After they left I called my mom and she said she could watch Addi while we went and ate. It was so nice to just relax while we ate. We ate at PF Chang and it was so good. Addi and my mom had a good time too!
I decided to take a break this weekend and do somethings that I wanted to do. I fixed Addi's pumpkin and I also made her a Halloween dress again this year. I am going to have something embroidered on it but not sure what yet. Justin is at work today so we went to watch some of the game with Janie and Brian. We took Addi to Chick-fil-a after the game and there was an older man sitting across from us (like my grandparents age) he was wearing a cowboy hat like Addi's Pa-pa does sometimes. The whole time we were there she kept saying hi Pa-pa! Hi Pa-pa. It was so funny!!!


Blah blah blah

First I just want to say what a wonderful husband I have and I am so happy with him and we are so blessed to have the life that we have and so thankful for Addi. I know we are very fortunate.

Now that being said this past week I have just felt blah. Nothing is wrong and it has just been our regular life. Sometimes I just feel like I just do not have enough time to get everything done that needs to be done and spend time with those that I want to spend time with and still have some left over to do something I want to do. Justin is still working ALOT and is gone alot so I know that will be better soon. We will both be so glad (especially Justin I am sure)! Last night our air conditioner stopped working so it was hot and humid and so hard to sleep. Around midnight I had to get up because all that I could hear was Sherman panting so I had to get up and get a fan to blow on his big fat body so I could sleep. Maybe someday I will get caught up or maybe someday I will just learn to not worry about the small things that I did not get done...