Nice and Relaxing Day

Today turned out to be a good day! Justin is working at the station today so he has been gone since about 6 a.m. and will be home in the morning about 7:30. On the days that he is gone it is a little more stressful for me. I can not imagine being a single mom! Today at work it was really slow we had about a 2 and 1/2 hours for lunch. On the days we get long lunch, I get to come home and see Addi. She was sound asleep when I came home so Janie and I worked out. I don't ever work out at lunch but it was nice to get it done and know I have the evening to do whatever. We had 5 patients scheduled this afternoon and NONE of them showed! It is so annoying waiting for people to come to their appointments that they made yesterday and then they don't bother to come or call. But anyways the dr I work for is very nice about letting us go early when there is nothing to do and we still get paid the same. So we were gone by 3 today and I went and had a pedicure. Doesn't it just make you feel better when your toes look good? No matter how hard I try I can't make them look like they do. When I got home I played with Addi awhile then pumped then we took a nap!!! Now Justin and Addison are very very good at taking naps but for some reason it does not fit into my schedule like it seems to fit into Justin's...imagine that! It was only about 45 minutes long but it was so nice. Now Addi has had her bath is sleeping and I am watching basketball. So nice to relax!


Relaxing Weekend

The weekends always go so fast! This weekend Justin had to work on Friday and Sunday and this is my least favorite shift he has. I do not mind when he works one of the three days that I am off it gives me time to myself, time to clean and just be lazy but when he works two of the three it can get pretty boring! We did not do alot this weekend it was suppose to snow about 6 inches this weekend and on Saturday it did snow but there wasn't any accumulation. Tomorrow Addison is going to be 12 weeks old. I can't believe how big she is getting! She smiles all the time when you talk to her and she tries really hard to laugh she is so much fun! Today Jace (Justins brothers little boy) is 5! Justin and I had not been dating very long when Jace was born I can't believe he is 5. Hope you had a great birthday Jace. Dorothys birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dorothy!


Date Night

Last night I surprised Justin and took him on a date. So much harder to plan dates now and since Janie babysits all week I feel guilty asking her in the evenings. A month or so ago the doctor I work for (who is always generous) gave me a gift certificate to the movies to sit in the balcony. In the balcony seats at our theatre you can eat a meal and drink alcohol. So we went to the movies and ate dinner. The movie was Knowing (I think) it was not so good but so nice to spend time with Justin. I really do miss him sometimes. Addison stayed home with our friends Chris and Joni (Thanks so much you guys!).

Justin Mann...aka Mr. Mom

This past week Justin's 4 day was Mon-Thurs. Normally he works at his other job (he fixes safety equipment for oil rig workers but since they are shutting so many wells down he has been really slow) but he stayed at home all week with Addison. He does so good when he stays at home and it makes my evenings very relaxing. Since we had company for a week the laundry and house has been neglected. On Monday he did all the laundry including putting it away and also washed all of Addison's 3 month clothes and when I came home for lunch he had lunch ready and on the table. Tuesday he cleaned the house (which is going to make my weekend very nice) and again he had lunch ready! Wednesday him and Addi came and took me to lunch. It is so nice to have him home and in the evenings we had time to spend with each other instead of doing all the other stuff we have to do. Thanks JR your such a good husband...I think Justin may be better at staying home than me when I stay home suddenly it is 1:00 and I have just finished showering and getting ready for the day. :)


Spring Cleaning

This week I decided that I needed to clean this house! I started with the living room today and it took me forever! It is amazing how dusty and dirty things can get! I cleaned everything I started with the couch and love seat and even got the leather cleaner out. I vacuumed the curtains and moved all the furniture to clean under it. I even did the light fixtures, fireplace and base boards. It felt so much better when it was all done and it looks so much better...I think I'll have Justin hang out in the bedroom for a few days so it can stay clean haha. Justin was at work today so I had to clean while Addi was sleeping. She got tired of sleeping in here chair so I put her in the little thing that looks like a back pack but for the front (whats that called?) and she loved it I vacuumed and dusted with her in it and she was so happy and it was a serious workout.


Family Time

This past week my mom and Dorothy (Justins mom) were both on spring break so we have got to spend time with our family. Dorothy and Kenny came down last Saturday to spend some time with us. It was really nice Justin was on his 4 days off when they came (which NEVER happens) so mostly we just hung out at the house. Justin and I did get to go out together for dinner for our friends birthday. It was nice to spend time with adults and not have to worry about feeding anyone but myself haha. My mom came on Wednesday and we went out to eat with Amy and Eric (my older sister and her husband). Last night we just hung out at home and while Justin went to play volleyball. Today my mom, Janie (my little sister) me and Addi went to Norman to the mall. We had a really good time just walking around looking. Tomorrow Justin will be home and I think we are going to cook out and have everyone over so we can all be together. I will put some pics up later this weekend. It has been nice having everyone and nice to have all the help with Addison but I really do miss Justin it seems like I have not seen him in forever!!! He came and got me for lunch on Thursday for a "date" it was very nice to be just the two of us again for an hour!

Addison wore jeans today for the first time she looked SO CUTE (I'll put pics of this up too)


Doctor Visit

Addi had to go to the doctor on Thursday for her well baby check up. I was so excited to see how much she had grown. We had not had her weighed since she was 2 weeks old and this week she was 8 weeks. When she was born she weighed 7.1 lbs and was 19.5 in long at her visit Thursday she was 10.2 lbs and 21 in long! She is getting to be so big. She is getting fat little thighs that are so cute (why are fat thighs only cute on babies). She had to have her vaccinations this time and she did really good. She was a little fussy for that night but not sure if it was the shots or just fussy. I can not believe how fast they grow!