Back to Work

Well last week was my first week back to work...all last weekend I dreaded Monday and was not ready to go. Janie is keeping Addison at my house so she came over early (after she called to tell me she was sick haha). The week ended up being much better than I thought. I had a really good week at work and I really do like what I do. All last week we had 2 hours for lunch so I come home everyday and we also got off early 3 of the 4 days I worked so I really can not complain. I am SO glad that Janie gets to keep Addison. I would have cried all week if I would have had to take her to a daycare. When I was looking at daycares I think it was 3 or 4 workers per baby. Knowing how much time one baby takes I do not think Addsion would get the attention she is getting with her Aunt Janie. I am so glad it went better than expected! I always love when Thursday is here but now I just can't wait to get home and see Addison. I am sure Sherman and Zoey are also glad that someone is here to let them in and out as they please!


Oh one more thing...

Remember I said that I had a massage well it really was wonderful but this pissed me off...we were on time and had to fill out paper work and had it finished before actual appt time but it was 15 after when they got us back and then I still had to undress. So it was probably around 10:18 when she actually started massage. Then when we were finished it was 10:55 to allow time to get dressed. I was mad b/c I think if they get you back late that you should still get the whole hour and it would be ok if that hour included time for changing. I just felt jipped. I know that at work that the hour cleaning appt includes time for me to get roomed cleaned and ready for next person but what do you think?

Happy (hate to say it 30th) Birthday to ME!!

I have had a great birthday! I think, except for the fact that its my 30th, this has been the best birthday. Yesterday my friend, Joni, and I went to get a massage and it was so nice and relaxing. Then I came home so Justin could do some errands. When he got home and took his one of many daily naps with Addi I went for a walk with the dogs. I know that does not sound exciting but before Addi I took them everyday and they really enjoy it too. So then we cooked out steaks and our friends Jennifer, Casey, Joe, Kim with their kids and Janie and Brian all came to eat and hang out. We had a great time and played Cranium (little jealous I'm only one that did not get to drink :) ). We had a really good time and I enjoyed everyone so thanks guys for a great Birthday. Justin is so sweet and thoughtful...I had mentioned awhile ago that I would like a watch so he got me one that I can wear with scrubs and then a very nice one it is silver with saroski ( that is not spelled right!) crystals around the face and on the band it is so pretty. I was surprised. Today on my actual Birthday Justin has to work he was suppose to do a 15 mile trail run this morning but the wind chill was something like 10 and notice his name was not included in the not drinking comment so Justin and Casey did not make it to the run but anyways I am just hanging out with Addi and my dogs.
On Thursday, me Addi and my sisters went to lunch and hung out for my Birthday it was nice to all be together!

Thanks everyone for making this a great Birthday esp you JR! I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband the cutest baby and great family and friends!


A Good Day

Today has been a good day. I got to go get my hair done! I always feel like a new lady when I get a pedicure, manicure or get my hair done! Last time I had my hair cut I was 8 months pregnant and at that time I needed it colored but decided I did not want to sit in the chair for that long so...it really needed to be colored. I got a breast pump on Monday so now I have a little bit of freedom and can go do things and not have to hurry home. Anyways I have never been so glad to get my hair cut and colored. Awww I feel much better!


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Justin has to work on Valentines Day this year. He will go in about 6 am on Saturday and he will be home about 7:30 am on Sunday so...we are going to go out tomorrow night to celebrate AND Janie is going to babysit! Justin and I are going to go to Norman to a Japanese steak house so I hope it will be good. I pray that everything goes ok so that Justin and I can enjoy our meal! On Saturday, we are going to bake cookies and take them to the station. I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!


It has been a really really long day!! It is 7:50 and this is the first time that Addison has gone to sleep and is not crying. We went to Amarillo and Guymon this weekend and had a really good time but I think it may have messed us up on our routine. Do you think babies that are only 5 weeks old know when they are not home and in a new place? Anyways I pray for a good night and I really want to watch Nip Tuck without screaming. It is so frustrating...Justin is at work he went in at about 6:00 this am and he will not be home until late afternoon tomorrow. I feel so bad when she cries but I just do not know what else to do. I am so glad this does not happen often! Anyways...we had a good time this weekend we got to see Justin's parents and his grandparents and Jake got to meet Addison. We went to my moms and got to spend Sunday with her. I always feel like we never have enough time. Guess who is crying again...