The dress on top I made and bought the other one

Lisa me and Addi

Happy Birthday Cy

Addi loves her carrots!!!

6 months old


6 months, a Birthday party and some other stuff

Addi is now 6 months old!! She went to the doctor on Thursday and had to have 3 shots and an oral vaccine. Last time she was really grumpy all weekend this time she did great. She does have a big bruise on her leg and it is swollen. Poor Baby!! She now weighs 15.3 lbs and is 25 1/4 inches long!! She started eating carrots and she loves them and loves to spit them everywhere. I have some pictures but will put them up when I get home.

This weekend we went to Weatherford for Cy's 3rd Birthday. Cy's mom and I are cousins. It was so nice to see everyone. I know everyone gets busy but we are trying harder to make time for family. It has been way to long since we have seen them and they only live an hour away. Everyone has kids so it was really fun. Hope he had a great day!

Jusitn started taking Chantex on Thursday. He is trying to stop dipping. The meds are suppose to help with cravings and mood swings. Justin is for the most part pretty laid back but when he tries to stop dipping he is not always pleasant to be around ( that is putting it nicely) but so far he has been ok. Please say a prayer for him. I really hope that this works for him and that this time he can do it.


Happy 4th of July

Justin has to work today so Addi and I have just been hanging out at home. She has been sleeping and I have been cleaning. Tonight we are going to go to Justin's station so that we can see him and watch the fireworks in Edmond. Last year, Justin also had to work so I went to his station and they got called out and I had to watch by myself...hope it turns out different tonight.

Some exciting news...Justin and I save our change in a vase and it gets filled about twice a year. When it is full we cash it in and use it to go do something together. Well...yesterday we cashed in and we had $263 and then I won $20 from a scratch off ticket! I found a bed and breakfast in Turner Falls that looks really nice and it has a spa that does massages. So that is our plan to spend the night there and relax!! It will be our first night away from Addi. :( We have not decided when we will go but hopefully soon. I have to go take shower and get ready it is only 2:35!

I love this picture of my mom and Addison

Pillowcase Dresses and Tutu's

I found a store that makes baby clothes and they have the cutest things! I had a onesie made for Addi that had hot pink firetruck on it and had them embroider her name with some rhinestones. When I picked it up they had a dress they had made hanging up that I loved so I will put a picture of that next week when I get it. Sorry about the cereal on the shirt!

I have liked the pillowcase dresses for awhile now and they have them at this store. It is hard to find cute pillowcases (or maybe I did not look very hard) so they just used material. I have went and looked at them twice but could not decide if I wanted to pay $28 for one. So I decided to try and make one. I went to Hobby Lobby and found material that I liked and decided to try it out. I think that they turned out pretty cute and I made them for less than $5 each. I like the zebra one but I like the neck line of the pink one best. Addi will look so cute!!

And of course every girl needs a tutu for the 4th of July... I am sure she will wear it for a total of 2 minutes but she sure will look cute!