The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


The last couple of weeks have been so much fun.  I finished my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving so I have had time to enjoy this month. 

We went to North Pole City for Santa pictures.  It is such a beautiful store...if I win the lottery tonight my tree will have lots of things from there hanging on it.  Easton was grumpy when we went and woke up from his nap with a fever.  Addi said she wanted a microphone and Easton said he wanted a pink bike.  I will let you guess which one is getting their Christmas wish.

A couple of weekends ago, it snowed a little but it was really icy outside.  We rarely have a day that we do not go somewhere.  We always go the gym or library or zoo so it was so nice to be at home for a couple of days.  We took it easy we were lazy and we went to see Frozen.  It was so bitter cold that weekend.  This week has been beautiful in the 60's so tomorrow, a week before Christmas, is a zoo day. 
We went to see Mrs. Clause and Christmas lights with Janie and Brian, we have watched Christmas movies, made homemade hot chocolate.  Addi and Easton have been so much fun this year. 



Last catch up post...Halloween-Thanksgiving
Addi was Ariel 
Easton was a fisherman

They were fun this year we went to several Halloween carnivals so by the time Halloween actually got here they were not so excited about wearing the costumes.  They looked so cute going to each house.  

Justin was at the station this year so we hung out at home until after naps then went to the station.  We had a lot a lot a lot of food!  I don't like that Justin has to work some holidays but it is so much fun to go to the fire station and be with everyone.  We just show up and eat the firemen cook and clean up.  This year they weren't even called out while we were there.  So many things to be thankful for this year!


Pumpkin Patch

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors the smells and I love Halloween.  This year we went to the myriad gardens for their pumpkin patch and it was my favorite one we have visited so far.  It was beautiful, I would have liked to have gone back for a day to myself and just look.  

Catch Up

I have a lot to catch up on...
Addi and I had a movie date while Grandma watched Easton

Eastons hair went from this

to this

We camped some more

This little mann turned 2

We went to the county fair

We got together with my moms family for the first time in years and it was so good to see everyone

We had one last camping trip
and Justin took the kids fishing for the first time


SO July is gone
August is gone
September is almost gone!

I have had a good summer and am looking forward to fall.

We camped a lot
We went to the zoo a lot
We went swimming
Justin stopped working so much
Addi AND Easton started gymnastics
My little man turned 2
Addi is enjoying her last year without school
My car got broken into
Addi kicked the computer off the bed and broke it
Justin and I got a weekend away to see kid rock
Sherman turned 11
Easton went to his first movie
We went to the fair
We went to Disney on ice
Hopefully I can catch up soon and figure out
How to upload pictures from my phone since computer is broken!



It doesn't really seem like the end of June. I can't believe 4 th of july is next week.

Easton has slept past 8 everyday since Sunday!!!!  He usually gets up before 6:45.

Easton will be two in two months from today :(

Addi was Easton's age when I got pregnant I was ready for a baby again. Now I still feel like Easton's a baby. I think we make our firsts older faster.

I started shopping gap online and have figures out everyone's sizes. Then you buy more to get free shipping it's a bad cycle. But last time I went shopping addi almost started crying because she almost pooped her pants not so much fun.

North west that is stupid

I always wonder if James hardens beard stinks after a game I'm going to guess yes

I had a patient with a hair piece and I felt so rude but I could NOT stop watching it

Justin and I had date night Saturday night much needed

We also get to spend the day together on Monday

Addi and I had a date Sunday and saw monster so cute

My kids are totally different by themselves

Easton loves JJ he says where's JJ first thing in the morning

We start swimming lessons next week

I have all next week off

Big brother starts TONiGHT!