Always a good time at the zoo.  We bought a season pass awhile back and it has finally been a little cooler so we can go.  We look at a few animals but always end up in the splash pad.  Justin even took the day off so he could go with us.  It was so nice having him there.  I am use to taking them by myself but it is nice to get to enjoy them together.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the lake with my cousin Lisa and her family.  We had the best time even though it was HOT HOT HOT!!!  All of the kids played and played and they were so dirty!  I even watered skied for the first time.  It was fun we need to do it more often!

Addi and Easton

When I found out that Easton was a boy I wondered what it would be like to have a brother and sister.  They are starting to play together and they are always aware of where the other one is.  It has been fun seeing them together.


The Olympics

I have been enjoying watching the olympics.  Some of my favorites are gymnastics, swimming and diving.  There are some events I didn't even know existed like the speed walking and the rowing but they are standing up on one leg.  I wonder how they get so good at something I did not know existed! 
It would be amazing to be that good at something I can not imagine how that would feel to be in the olympics.  I also can not imagine what it would be like to have a child that was in the olympics.  How proud you would be.

I also wonder why they do not make underwear out of the same stuff that gymnastic and swimming and volleyball uniforms are made out of.  They do not go anywhere they don't ride up at all!  There cheeks are only half in but they never come completely out.  I personally think they need to go up a size!



July is already gone we had a good busy week.  Easton is finally sleeping all night!!!!  Can't tell you how glad I am about that!!!

We went to Amarillo at the beginning of the month.  Addi had fun with Jace and Judson and she loved all the swimming.

Addi had swimming lessons all month she went twice a week and loved it.  It was her first year to go by herself we did the mommy and me classes last year.  The last five minutes of class they got to play in the splash pad when time is up the water goes off and it is time to get out of the pool.  One day Addi decided she was not done playing and was still in the pool after the 45-50 other kids had gotten out.  I kept telling her to get out and she would get close enough for me to almost touch her then jump away from me.  Finally the 12 year old lifeguard asked her to get out and she said ok.  That was fun

Easton had his first haircut!  I swear he looked like a teenager when she cut his bangs!  Such a handsome little man!!