Christmas in Amarillo

We went to Amarillo last weekend and had a good and busy weekend. We went Thursday after work and Friday night we went to Great Grandma Manns house to see eveyone. Addi loved being center of attention!Boo! Addison loved her new doll house from Grammy and Papaw.

She also loved the new guns she got. Dean was very dramatic and made a good victim.

Some even managed to squeeze in a nap or two. What is better than a nap with a baby in your arms?


Addi and Easton went to see Santa last week. My mom and I took them to a store called the North Pole. It is such a neat store they have tons of Christmas things everything Christmas. They have a train for the kids to ride. We went when the store opened so that Addi could hear the real Christmas story. Santa reads the story then you get to see Santa. Addi got right in his lap and told him she wanted a kitchen so she could cook her eggs!

Christmas cards

Every year I think I am going to make a really cute Christmas card and every year it is something that I make last minute and settle for one to send out. This year was no different. I tried to take some cute pictures of Addi and Easton and this is what I got. They were not in the mood. Addi said her tutu was too itchy...which I am sure is right. I ended up using a picture from Eastons newborn pictures and sent them out last night. Hope everyone gets them before Christmas!



Lately I have been feeling just blah. I thought I wanted to grow my hair out so it has been growing and it is driving me crazy can you say ponytail everyday. I have 3 pounds to loose to be back at my prepregnancy weight but none of my shirts fit me since I am still breastfeeding. They are tight and make me self conscious. I have had a lot going on in the past couple months new baby..new job..taking addi and easton to daycare..all that has been going on with Janie. I thought working less days would mean I am more productive at home but that hasn't been the case.
So today my mom watched a and e for an hour so I could go get my haircut and on Friday I am going shopping for some new clothes. Addi had a good time at my moms then we ate lunch then I came home and scrubbed my house. I hate just picking the house up it drives me crazy. I like for it to be all clean every room even if it just stays that way for a day. Wait a day...that would be nice. So maybe with new clothes and new hair I will feel better



I can't believe that in a month Addi will be 3 years old. She is at such a fun age. She is really into her babies and pretending. She plays like she is dropping her babies off at daycare, feeds them and burps them. I have a friend named Joni and she loves to play like she is Joni. She told a little girl at jump zone her name was Joni. I can't wait for Christmas with her this year!