Monday funday

So it was back to work today cause I had to make up a day I was off for the ski trip. Only a two day weekend when I'm use to a 5 day weekend. Easton woke up screaming at 5 a.m. and the only thing that made him stop for 5 minutes was when I let him suck the toothpaste tube. That was fun if your spouse is at home to help in the morning you are lucky!!! I never know how nice it was to have my babysitter come to my house.   Oh and I did weigh in today and GAINED .6 lbs point six not six but still for reals?

Happy Monday


ski trip

Ski trip is over...we had a great time.  Addi got to ski for the first time and it was my third time.  This time was definately the best I have done...no falls this time!  Justin would ski down backwards and hold onto Addis skis she looked so cute!

 Easton had to go to daycare one day and the rest of the time he stayed with us.  I thought he would love sledding but not so much.
 Lisa Casey and Cy.  Cy did great ski school for 2 days then skiing everywhere on the last day.


Weight Watchers Weigh in

So I weighin this morning and I was the same as last week...frustrating!  I felt like I did good with my eating this week so I was a little bummed. 

I have been eating more salads and fruits and vegetables though.  They are 0 points so eat all those you want.  Justin is going fitness pal which I have tried for a week or so.  I like weight watchers better because you do get the extra points you can use how you want and with fitness pal you get the same amount each day never extra.  But with fitness pal if you work out and burn 500 calories you get 500 extra calories.  Weight watchers you would get 2-3 points which would be a serving of goldfish well that doesnt make me want to work out more.

I am watching intervention and this MAN is bulimic and he weighs 80 pounds and is 5'4 W-H-A-T??

Snuggle Bug

The past two mornings, Easton has woken up early so I have put him back in bed with me and for about 30 miinutes he just lays there and snuggles with me.  He is so sweet.

And this is what he is like the rest of the day


We have been working hard on our kitchen we got granite coutertops new lighting new sink and faucet new backsplash and painted the cabinets. 

and  new lightswitch covers .

I liked working on something with Justin it is nice doing something together and having something new to talk about.  We did the backsplash together and his parents came down to helo paint the cabinets.  Painting wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We bought a kit and first you take the vvarnish off with a deglosser.  Then you paint on two coats of color you choose then the glaze then the varnish.  Drying time took the most time we worked hard that weekend.
We are still wanting to put rock under the bar and on the fireplace and paint and some new decorations like curtains and things for the walls.  



No work for me on Friday.  I know I only work 2-3 days a week and only 6 hours on Fridays but there is just something good about having a Friday off.  So we invited Blakely and Brantley over for some cupcke decorating.   

We played outside and did some bubble blowing it was beautiful Saturday and Sunday.  I went and had my hair done thank goodness.  It was getting B-A-D!  New haircut always makes me feel good.
I think I may have over edited this picture :)  We went to church on Sunday felt good to go.  I liked the church we tried but the regular preacher was not preaching so we will go back and try it out some more.  Addi said I am so excited about Jesus!

One of the things the preacher asked today was when you pray do you ask God what he wants you to do for him how to serve him or is it a wish list.
That has me thinking.  I am guilty of the wish list praying.
Now time to clean we are having people over for the superbowl and I need to mop!