Easter was so much fun this year Addi was so excited. She couldn't wait to look through her basket.

We went to the Orr Family Farm again it was a little cold but Addi didn't mind. They have so much for her to do and she is getting old enough that she really has a good time.

She liked riding the horse.

Wasn't afraid of the Easter Bunny at all she was so excited when she saw him and just wanted to keep hugging him.

This was her face when she saw all the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt which by the way the eggs were all filled with jolly ranchers REALLY??

Justin had to work Easter Sunday so Janie and my Mom came over to wish Addi a Happy Easter! It poured all day long but it was a good day. Hope everyone had a good Easter!

Random Thingsand 23 weeks

I was 23 weeks on Tuesday! I also got to stay home with Addi on Tuesday Janie had an appointment and Justin has his paramedic stuff. Today is his LAST DAY then that is it he is done. We are both so glad. I can't imagine how hard it has been for him, I do know how hard it is for me not to have him here! I am exhausted...no energy! Addi and I went to the zoo today because it gets really old staying at home and I know Addi thinks so too!!! The top picture is the only one I got at the zoo it is to hard to chase her around she does not ride in the stroller which is good becasue that means good nap when we get home but I can't take a picture!!! It was fun to get out of the house!


Good Friday

We had a great day today. Justin had to work so Addi and I were busy getting ready for Easter! Here is our busy/good day...

Justin also has to work on Sunday :( so the Easter Bunny is coming tonight. Addi has been so excited anytime she thinks someone is at the door she says OHH is that the Easter Bunny??


Saturday my mom came over to keep Addi so Justin and I could go out. I didn't take any pictures for some reason. We went to the horse races and had a good time it was so nice outside even if you dont like horse racing there are some very interesting people to see! My mom brought me these flowers they are so pretty. I would love to always have fresh flowers in my house!
This is my favorite picture of the weekend.

Sunday was a nice lazy day. Justin took the day off to be home with us and we did not do a whole lot. Justin cooked out and we just mostly played with Addi.

22 weeks! I feel like I am getting so big! I know in about 3 months I will wish I was this "big" again. I was going to try to really hard with this baby to take pictures weekly or monthly and of course it hasn't happened. Justin said not to feel bad boys do not care what there moms looked like when pregnant!


First of all do you ever look at old pictures and think when did you look like that????? Addi is getting so big. She talks ALL the time and can say what ever she wants. Her new thing when she doesn't want to eat something is it's spicy. I do not know what she knows about spicy but the other morning she was convinced her oatmeal was to spicy. You say take another bite she says no spiiicy! She knows what Justin and do at work the other day I was telling her bye she said gotta go to work I said yes she says ok clean up some teef and be careful babe!! For about two weeks when you asked what dada did at work she says play basketball haha I dont know who told her that!! Today Janie had to go to a couple of dr appoitments and Justin has class that he can't miss so I stayed home with Addi...how nice being home during the week! We went to lunch with a friend and we went to her house for a minuter afterwards and right when we walked in she says Momma it stinks and she said it about 100 more times!!! That's nice. I laugh every single day OUT LOUD because of Addi


Addi Update

Ready for spring to be here and to stay here!
Look at these pigtails her hair is getting so long and I think it is getting/looking thicker
Looking good picking her out fits!

A couple of weeks ago Addi went to stay Justins parents she was only gone for 2 nights and she did really good. I think she had a good time. We went to the zoo when they brought her back and she is waving at everyone in this video she acted like she hasn't seen them in years! Oh yes and Addi is going to have a BROTHER!!!

Which brings us to baby...I will be 20 weeks on Wednesday it is amazing how fast it is going this time! I had sonogram on the 23rd and the lady said right away. I really did not have a feeling one way or another but guess I just always pictured Addi with a sister. So I was a little surprised! It will be so much fun to have one of each. The baby looked good it is so much fun to have the ultrasound! I am feeling good and can feel him move all the time.

Justin passed the second part of his paramedic test I am so proud of him!!!!!!!!