Addi First Haircut

This is one of my favorite pictures of Addi...she looks so cute

This picture is Addi saying I dont want to take ANOTHER picture Mom!!

Before... it was getting long I was hoping if I trimmed it that it would look fuller and thicker
After...really not much of a change but have noticed it does not get as tangled

Addi had her first haircut last weekend. I was not sure how she would do but she ended up doing really good. All we had to do was give her a sucker and she was good to go.


The Aquarium and 16 Weeks!!!

We decided to take Addi to an aquarium this past weekend and she loved it. I really liked it too. I have never been to one that I can remember so it was pretty interesting. They had sting rays that were in a tank and you could pet them. It was so crazy these things wanted to be petted so they would come up to you and get about half way out of the water until you paid attention to them. They had a lobster that...not kidding...was big as Sherman. For those of you have seen Sherman these days know that is really BIG!! Some of it was just kinda creepy!! Oh and by the way Justin did these pigtails pretty impressive!!!
On Tuesday I was 16 weeks hard to believe! Pretty soon I will have a 16 week old baby! I am feeling really good and everything is going well so far. I am pretty sure I will be a hot sweaty mess by the time August comes!