Good News...Bad News

Good news...Remember I told you that Justin and I have been doing weight watchers since October? Well you have to weigh in once a week and this week Justin and I both made our goal weight! Yippee Justin said we should celebrate by having a cheeseburger at the Fat Tire....
and I asked off for our ski trip today and Dr said that was fine...may ask before we buy the ski pants, rent the cabin, and ask people to go with us next time.
Bad news...my camera is broken can't imagine how this happened it could be because a tiny little person likes to look at it and drop it and you would think her parents would pay closer attention to this but they did not so now broken camera. Will fix this problem this weekend so instead of a new picture of Addi you get to see this one.
***today I went to the gym to work out at lunch (yes that is correct I have been working out on my lunch hour) and Justin and Addi came as I was leaving and J took her to the day care when I checked in on her she was just crying and crying and finally (may have been only a second or two) the worker picked her up and she stopped. It was so sad! I am so thankful that I do not have to start my day off everyday by dropping her off somewhere where she cries.
One more thing more snow today it has been snowing/raining all day today can't believe it.

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