5 Years

Our Anniversary was on the 28th and we have been married for 5 years! Hard to believe it has been 5 years. I just wanted to tell Justin Happy Anniversary! I love you and you are a wonderful husband and Dad! We are all thankful for you!
Addi is walking! She is getting really good at it she can walk across the living room or pretty much where ever she wants to go. She has not figured out how to stand up by herself so she will pull up on something then off she goes. She is also starting to say alot of things she is best at Momma hehe but the funniest thing that she does is bark she barks and then just laughs it is so funny!

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. We ended up with 14 inches of snow! I couldn't believe it. Justin finally made it home at about 9:15 which means it took him over 2 hours to get home it usually takes him around 30 but he made it safe and he picked my mom up on the way. We opened gifts when he got home and we got so many nice things!! Addi got so much that she did not end up opening all of it on Christmas Day. On thing Addi did get for Christmas was a big fat lip she fell and bumped her mouth and her bottom teeth cut her top lip you can see in picture above poor girl! After Justin shoveled the driveway we just hung out and waited for Janie and Brian to come over. Amy did not get to come because she had to work. When Janie and Brian came we opened gifts all over again. Justin smoked a ham and it turned out so good. We had a great Christmas and we have so much to be thankful for I hope very one had a Merry Christmas!


Dreamin' of a White Christmas

This morning when we woke up it was sleeting and it did this until about mid morning then it started snowing and snowing and snowing! This is a couple of hours after it started. The wind is really blowing so we have drifts in the backyard that are at least half way up the fence. So needless to say Addi and I spent Christmas Eve at home together with the dogs. Justin is working today and last I talked to him he had not been to the station in about 5 hours! He said the roads are really bad. Most of the calls that they go on...maybe 85 %...are sick calls people can't breath people fall in the floor you get the idea on a normal call EMSA our ambulance service also responds to these calls but the fireman have to go because they can get there so much faster anyways if you call for a "sick call" now EMSA will not respond and if it is a call that EMSA will respond to the wait is at about 1 1/2 hours...yikes. So I guess Justin will have a long night. I hope he gets to come home in the morning. If someone can not make it to the station they have to stay...I hope he is here for Christmas!!!

Addi sitting by the stockings she is looking at the bow that she just pulled out of her hair.
Addi is very interested in the snow she went to look out the doors several times today. The dogs are not so fascinated by the snow I have to pick them up and set them outside ha

So we have had a good Christmas Eve just hanging out! I got my house cleaned and ready to go and I even put Addi's Christmas present together! Now time to relax and watch Christmas Story...one of my favorites hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and has a great Christmas tomorrow! Please pray that Justin has a safe night. Merry Christmas

Christmas Lights

Last night after I got of work, we picked my mom up and grabbed some diner and then went looking at Christmas lights. They were so pretty. We went to the area where my mom has been working and they have older VERY big houses. I loved these trees. I think even Addi liked them :). Yesterday when I was leaving for work I made her a bottle and put her in the bed with Justin and I was telling her bye and she looked at me and as plain as day said BYE BYE...it made my day!


Some More Christmas in Amarillo

On Saturday, we had Christmas with Dorothy's side of the family. Dorothy has a HUGE family and is a good sport about having everyone at her house. Justin said he counted around 40 people. Addi was so good...she loved everyone went to everyone and just made her rounds. She got this cute little teapot. Oh and does anyone notice anything about the last post I figured out how to turn the pictures!!! The best part of the weekend...this morning Addi woke up around 6:30 (she only sleeps good in her bed she is not the baby sleeping at the restaurant or in her stroller) so I went and got her and brought her to bed with me and Justin and she fell asleep for about another 2 hours it was so sweet laying there holding her! Oh and guess who got really good at her walking this weekend I really think by the end of the week she will be walking EVERYWHERE!!!

Christmas in Amarillo

This weekend we headed to Amarillo to have a little Christmas. The first night we went to Justin's grandparents house and ate some yummy fajitas and did our gift exchange.

Here is Addi and her Daddy aren't they cutie pies!!

Justin and his Grandma

Justin and his mom

Addi and her mommy...I just love that little girl...
We had a really busy and nice weekend visiting everyone. Like I said we did Christmas with the Mann side of the family on Friday and got to spend time with them. Addi was really good and she got a very cute gumball machine and some new bows for her hair.

Sonny and Cher

Ok here are the pics I was telling you about...last weekend Justin's Christmas party at Wayest was a Rock Star Christmas so we went as Sonny and Cher. I was disappointed that we did not win the contest Billy Ray beat us :(. There was a male and a female winner and Justin thinks that he lost because some voted him best male and some best female haha

Me and my friend Cody who DID NOT dress up and looked all cute...last year I was gigantic prego this year Sonny
Justin and Billy Ray


Sonny and Cher ...and could someone please tell me how to turn these freakin pictures!!!!!!!!!


We are ready for Christmas

We are all ready for Christmas!! I got all my shopping done yesterday and Justin finished all of his on Thursday. Addi had her pictures with Santa...and no crying and they look so cute! It is such a relief to be done so we can enjoy some time together! Tonight we are going to Justin's Christmas party for Wayest and it is a rock star Christmas so you have to dress up as rock stars...Justin and I are going as Sonny and Cher and Justin is going to be Cher I will let you see some pictures tomorrow!!


Justin and I got a membership at the YMCA so Justin took Addi yesterday so he could work out. SO that means that Addi had to go to the day care!!! She did fine and didn't even cry when he left her...(I think he was a little sad that she took it so well).

Everyone has been asking when we are having Addi's first birthday party. The day that works best for Justin and I is January 10th so I will be sending out invitations later but that is the date...ONE YEAR OLD!!!??


Addi is 11 months

I haven't put a picture of Sherman and Zoey lately so here they in their favorite spot.
How cute is Addi? I think she looks so cute in her coat and she can now walk if you hold one of her hands. She doesn't do it every time and only when she feels like it. She is so big!!

Yep Addi loves the Guymon Tigers!

Well on Saturday, Addi was 11 months old. I say it every month but I can not believe how fast it is going! She weighs 19 lbs and still has two teeth. She is trying to walk she has taken about 3 steps in a row but then remembers how much faster she can crawl. She is more interested in food...especially what we are eating she has had mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and seems to like everything. Wonder if she will be walking at Christmas???