8 Years

Friday was our 8 year anniversary!  Is that right??  We celebrated with some Chick-fil-a and some cranky kids.  Oh how our lives have changed.  But we are not totally boring we are going to a thunder game in a couple of weeks.  Can't wait.  Excited to eat without feeding someone else and watching the game.
We don't usually do gifts since it is so close to Christmas we just try to do something together.  This year J surprised me with the UGG house shoes I have been wanting.  I felt bad for a minute when he didn't get anything.  


Breaking Bad and other stuff

Breaking Bad...
Have you seen it?  It is about the chemistry teacher that is diagnosed with cancer and cant afford treatment so starts cooking meth.  Sound crazy??  That's because it is!  Justin and I are hooked we put the kids to bed and watch a couple of episodes.  You gotta watch!

New Years Resolution..
All the normal ones blah blah blah
main one finding a church that we like and going as a family.

Turning four this weekend.  three is still a baby four is a little girl kinda sad about this one

sometimes it is confusing if we are at work or in third grade talked about not eating food that is not yours the other day in morning meeting

Just Because

Just Because my kids are cute

Merry Christmas

 We had a great Christmas weekend.  We have been traveling alot lately so this it was the first time since before Thanksgiving we were all home together for the weekend.
 We made salt dough ornaments, cookies for Santa and went and looked at Christmas lights.  This year was so much fun with Addi.

 My family came over Christmas Eve and ate and ate then opened gifts then ate some more!
Merry Christmas!


Grandpa John

Justin's friend, John came over to the house today and this was addis first time to see him. 

John was my dads name. 

When he left addi asked if he was her grandpa John. Justin tried to explain to her that he wasn't here anymore. That he is with Jesus. 

I haven't told addi alot about my dad it's hard for me to wrap my head around what happened and where he is now so I have just told her a little bit about him. 

Sometimes out of the blue addi will ask about him or talk about him like he is here with us.   I like to think that he is here with us. I don't believe he watches  us all the time I like to think he has much more grander things to do. I do think he drops in and checks on us and is still apart of our lives.  Maybe children do have a connection with people that are no longer here maybe they don't. I choose to think they do. There is not a day goes by that my dad doesn't cross my mind and I don't want there to be one. 

When Justin said he lives with Jesus addi asked what kind of car does Jesus have?? 


Weight Watchers

Ok so I am starting weight watchers AGAIN.  I am not unhappy with the number I see on the scale I just am hating the squishy-ness I see when I look into the mirror.  So I am going to work out -I would say more but I haven't been doing it at all and start weight watchers again to see if I can start to feel better.

So here is a typical weight watchers day of food

morning - 1 pack of quaker apple and cinnamon oatmeal 3 points

lunch -turkey sandwich 3 pieces of turkey on sandwich thin bread and 1 serving of baked chips 7 points

snack- banana 0 points or 20 pretzel sticks 1 point

dinner- 1 serving of what we are having but it is a healthier version recipe like chilli with hardly any cheese fish and vegetables

you get extra points that you can use through out the week so you can usually have 1 meal of something you want but not go overboard

the thing I miss the most is CHEESE  and REAL CHIPS  I could eat real greasy chips all day long!!

Football and an Early Christmas

 We headed to Austin this weekend to watch Josh's team play in the semifinals.  We also had an early Christmas since we were all together. 
Addi Jace and Judson all got kindle fires from Grammy and Papaw...they love them.  Addi has played and played with hers. 
How cute are these Raiders fans??!  They had such a great year and we are so happy for Josh.  Now that we are home I am doing a ton of laundry.  Is if just us or does it seem like every time you do laundry you have less hangers than last  time??



So after cleaning all the skank off my patients teeth today three of them told me they have just been too busy to floss.

Too busy??! Really...it takes 30 seconds.

So I think the correct thing to say would be:
I have been too lazy to floss.


Santa Baby

I feel ya Bubba's I'd cry too!
Last year I spent $65 and 3 hours in line to have pictures with a creepy-ass santa.
This year I spent $20 and didn't have to wait in line to have pictures with a crappy creepy-ass santa.


Oh Christmas Tree

It's official my tree is a disaster and I am so over fixing it and trying to keep it all together.  Last night after I had told Easton for the 100 time to leave the tree alone I went to the garage and got a box.

I took off all the ornaments from mid way up.  I am tired of smacking his hands tired of moving him away from the tree tired of yelling.

Justin looked at me like I had lost mind. He said I could go take a drive if I needed to. A drive???  Yes I need a drive for the whole freaking day!!!!

Christmas time!



 So this weekend was just me and Eastie.  Justin went to Austin to watch his brothers football game and since we all went last weekend I decided I Easton should not be in the car for that long two weekends in a row.  I can get stuff done with only one kid!  Most of my shopping is done Addi and Easton done...
SO Eastie and I made stockings the ones that we have are old and Easton had to use one of the dogs stockings last year.  I wanted to throw these across the room before I finally finished.  But we have matching stockings.
It was good to spend indiviual time with Easton and take it easy.  Easton and I both enjoyed the Guiliana and Bill marathon.



when I check the mail and there is not anything good I just stick it back into the mailbox

I hate riding in a dirty car

I have been getting a little car sick while riding with Justin lately.  not sure if it is his driving cause I dont ride with other people but it doesn't happen when I drive.

I picked out the slabs of granite I want and went and bought a kitchen table while Justin was at work...I do not have time to wait for him to have a day off

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping

Even though Justin and I already got our Christmas gifts a couple of months ago I am still hoping he will surprise me ugg houseshoes

J told Addi to stop playing on her phone and she said she wasn't she was just checking the time

When I dont want to fold the laundry I just turn the dryer on again

To the man at gymnastics...when someone is reading a book they do not want to talk to you

It wasn't even me reading a book

I hate when photographers make brothers and sisters look like little couples

It annoys me when you ask someone how they are and they say oh well I dont know good I guess. If you don't want to tell me what's wrong just say I'm good.

Tomorrow is secret Santa at work!


Hair Stuff

Fabulous Photography...
So I have thicker hair but it is fine make sense?  And it is very straight.  Here are the products I use....
Hairspray is TIGI Bed Head Hard Head  This stuff really works I use to use the $3 hairspray and it did not work it didnt hold and you have to use alot more of the cheap stuff.
Bed Head Small Talk
I put this in my hair when it is still wet before blow drying it.  It seems fuller when I use this and it smells good.

Big Sexy Hair powder play
this stuff is amazing it is powder that you sprinkle on your roots after drying and it adds texture.  Scrunch your hair later and it poofs it back up.

Paul Mitchell straightner 
Justins mom got me this one year for Christmas and I really really love it.   Before I had a cheap straightner and it really sucked.  This works faster and you do not have to keep going over the same piece again and again.
I am trying to grow my hair out and it is brutal!!!!  I hate growing it out but I am sick of the same haircut I have had for 22 years now. 


Monday Misery

Today sucked. I am about to loose my mind and my patience is Gone. Easton fell off the bed or really just walked off the end of the bed.  Has a carpet burn and a bump on his head. He Will Not leave the tree alone and if dips his hand in the toliet one more time.

And Addi. I stopped the car in the middle of the steer because after I told her something she said so what???  SO WHAT?!.?.!

Glad tomorrow is a chance to start again.


Happy or Right which is it??

I use to work for a dentist who was a total idiot. He said stupid stuff all the time and he told lies ALL the time. 

Like the time he tried to convince me that of all the dentist in our area he had been chosen to do a root canal on a tiger. When I asked to see pictures of proof he could not find them. 

Hmmm...guess I just thought you'd frame proof of that and hang it next to the 2 pound trout that is the office centerpiece.???

But he did say 

You can be right OR you can be happy but you can't be both. 

Is this so?   I think it may ha e some truth to it. 


Christmas Cards

Attempts at some Christmas card pictures


Itchy Bitchy

I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me a topical cream for rosacea.

 It has made my face and neck break out in this weird rash that itches and makes my skin sooo dry.

It feels like I am wearing a prickly sweater all around my face. 

It makes me crazy bitchy.

Ask Justin he knows.

Gobble Gobble

Just like that Thanksgiving is over.  Traveling out of town with two small children is hard on a Momma's nerves and hard on a marriage!

We had a good time with Justin's family ate lots of food and got to be lazy for a few days.  Today it was back to weight watchers.

Justin clearly needs photography lessons.  This is the best picture of the three of us.  He tried twice looked at this one and said yep that one is good.  Really?  My kids are going to wonder why I always looked high and had on sweats...


Happy Thanksgiving

I have so many things that I am thankful for but most of all these three people.  They are wonderful.  I am blessed!


 Since this week is Thanksgiving lets get caught up on Halloween
Prettiest Princess

Marathon Runner that was so fast all the pictures are blurry

This was Addison's costume that I made her, the cosutme that won first prize in the costume contest and the costume that Addi refused to wear on Halloween.
This year was fun we went to the fall carnival at the gym.  Addi won first prize and Easton won third.  We went to the town festival it was alot of standing in line but still fun.  On Halloween night we stayed in our neighborhood and went trick or treating.  Addi had so much fun and Easton played along.  They looked so cute even if it wasn't the costume I had for her.


Sunday night already the weekend went by fast.  Justin was off all weekend long so we took advantage and got some things done!  Saturday I hosted a baby shower for a friend went to Dicks sporting good store and worked on the house.  We are doing some updating/remodeling in the kitchen.

These two babies were glad there were some left over cupcakes!

I started my Christmas shopping this last week...Thanksgiving is this week ??????  C-R-A-Z-Y!  Excited to buy for a little girl AND a litte boy.  Bought elf on a shelf and I hope Addi likes it cause that little elf lady is CREEPY.  Yes we got the girl, Justin thought it should be the boy I thought since I was the one going to the store buying it and I will be the one hiding it I would be the one deciding its gender.  He already got to choose twice :) 


It's Friday!!!

So glad it is Friday so glad Justin is home!  Addi and Janie survived the sleepover. Janie said addi went to bed at midnight!

J went to training about an hour away from mall of America. Last time he went to mall of America he got me a pug keychain. Yes a pug keychain.  In all of the things in mall of America a pug keychain. So this time I was more specific on my surprise. I got a cute sweatsuit from Victorias secret!

I'm doing a baby shower for a friend tomorrow and I have to work on Monday. I'm not use to only two days off!

Happy weekend!


Thursday Thursday

Got to spend the evening with this little Mann.  I don't think it has ever just been the two of us for an evening.  Janie called and asked if she could keep Addi for the night.  Let me think YESSSSS!  Addi said oh thank you mom I have been waiting for a long time for a sleepover!  So glad it is Thursday, I had some annoying patients today the kind that won't open, swallow their own spit or show up to their appointments on time.
Justin comes home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When we pulled up to gymnastics the lady in the car was yelling at her daughter for some reason I did not catch...something about telling her 15 times.

When we went inside same lady sat next to me and said to her two-ish looking boy
Would you mind hopping out of my lap for a minute sugar bear... He does it...thank you so much sweet boy 

Dont judge....But it makes me feel better about my parenting when I see the mom that calls her kids sugar bear lose her shit. 

Just saying 


Justin worked on Saturday (24 hours) was home for 4 hours on Sunday then left on a plane and will be back Thursday around 11.

Justin said what are you guys going to do when I am gone I am thinking the bigger question is what in the world are we going to EAT all week?????

But so far we are all still making it just fine. I may not have fixed my hair in two days and Easton is still in his pajamas but we haven't missed a meal!  Being a single parent would suck and I dont want to do it so I am going to be extra nice to Justin when he comes home.

Wish I would have known this was the easy stage



Addison Paige



Easton John