Easton John


Pumpkin Patch

 Jumping on the giant pillows never gets old for Addi

We had a fun busy weekend.  Friday after work I took Addi and Easton to the fall carnival at the gym we go to.  Justin had to work so I wasn't sure if I wanted to take them by myself but we went ahead and went.  It was crazy busy and my sanity was in question by the time we got out of the door.  But it was worth it we had a good time and Addi won first in the costume party and Easton won third!

Saturday we went to our town fall carnival and Justin was able to come with us so we had fun and Addi got to play some of the games and do some trick or treating.

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch in a small town about 45 minutes from here.  It was perfect, the weather was beautiful!  It was such a  nice switch to go to something in a small town it was not crowded and we could just let them play and run around.  Addi picked out a pumpkin for her and Easton.



We had a plastic pool and the sprinkler set up in the yard for all the kids and made hotdogs.  There were only a few tears when the pool got a whole and all the water went out.  I finally took all the decorations down last week.  Just wanted to have a baby for a little while longer. 


I read somewhere to look at yourself through your childs eyes.

They don't see all my flaws
They don't judge me
They don't care if I have on sweats

They think I am funny
They want to be with me
They miss me when I am gone for 5 minutes even when we have been together for the past two days
They would pick me or Justin over anyone else in the world
They love me

Easton is ONE

Hard to believe that Easton turned ONE...almost two months ago.  Loved decorating for his party we had it at our house and it turned out really fun we had a good time and hope everyone else did too.  I wanted to do his room in firetrucks but could never find any fabric I liked so when it was time to pick a theme for the party I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  Easton weighed 22.10 lbs and was 29 1/2 inches on his birthday.  I love this little guy!  The first year has flown by.