Aren't Addi's shoes cute??

The Easter Bunny and a Movie

This weekend was pretty relaxing. J had to work on Friday so Addi and I just hung out. On Saturday, we made a trip to see the Easter Bunny. I thought Addi would freak out but she just looked at him for awhile then decided he was ok and even posed for a few pics. The more I think about the Easter bunny and Santa they are maybe a little creepy and not sure why we make our kids sit in their lap but anyways...
I love the picture of Addi up top. It is so hard to get a picture of her looking at me AND smiling...what a cutie
Now about that movie...first this week at work dr g has been sick for 2 days. I can still see patients but some cancel. So today I had some patients then I cleaned...really cleaned and worked through my lunch hour so that I could leave a little early and I decided to go to the movies. I went to see Remember Me it was pretty good but not really what I was thinking it would be like. The ending was a total surprise. But the biggest thing was I went by MYSELF I have never been to the movies or out to eat by myself. I also had the whole theater to MYSELF. Who knew going to the movies by yourself could be so nice and relaxing. I really enjoyed!



This weekend we went to Tulsa to take Addi to the aquarium and just hang out and do something different. It did not turn out the way we planned because of the snow but we still had a good time. When we got to Tulsa we went to the mall so we could get a few things. We put our gas on a credit card and then pay it off at the end of the month so we can get reward points. This time we cashed in our points for gift cards one to baby gap and one to the children's place so Addi got some new clothes for summer. Aren't they cute. We ate then hung out in the hotel and watched some basketball. The next morning it was snowing...I mean really snowing so we decided to head home instead of going to the aquarium. I was disappointed but glad we made it home ok.

Here are a couple of reasons that Addi likes to stay in hotels. Her mom might let her do a few things she is not allowed to do at home. I threw all the toilet paper in the trash then she put the whole trash can into the toilet. Then we went swimming. Justin is a good swimmer, I can swim but big bodies of water make me very nervous so you can imagine how I felt when I saw Justin dunking Addi under the water....anyways it took her only two times to figure out she needed to close her mouth and then she was fine...who knew. New this week ask Addi where her nose is and she will point to it ask her where her eyes are she will blink them ask her where her mouth is she will stick her tongue out. What a smart baby :)


I am so glad it is Thursday! We were so busy this week at work and I have not wanted to get up in the mornings...We are going on a weekend road trip to Tulsa this weekend I can't wait it is only a couple of hours from here so it is far enough but not to far. We have no big plans just kinda hang out and do whatever. Justin starts the second part of his paramedic class next week so we are going to be so busy. Justin got to go golfing today it was so pretty outside when I got home we took Addi to the park and for a ride in the wagon. I think she had a good time. I am so ready for a relaxing weekend!


I love the weekends!! Justin always wants to go to breakfast and it doesn't happen all that often so on Friday we got and went to breakfast and Addi had her first pancakes...yummy she loved them. Justin agreed to go shopping with me on Friday and for those of you who know Justin you know that this is a BIG deal. We had a good time but like always when you have some money to spend you don't find much. We did order an area carpet for our living room that I am looking forward to getting...
And of course we played outside and in the garage Addi loves to be outside and loves her wagon and her car she can go backwards and she figured out how to lift her feet so you can push her. Not really sure how Zoey felt about the wagon ride.

Today is my moms birthday so everyone came over and ate. We had a good time and Addi is so tired. She loved all the attention. I hope my mom had a great day. Justin was so sweet and made pork loin, asparagus, homemade mac and cheese and rolls and Janie brought dessert. It was so good. Debating if I should even try to do my points haha. Tomorrow is spring break, which I just love I see fifty thousand kids who think that spring breaks also means having the week off from brushing their teeth...


Just a regular day

It has just been a regular week for us nothing to exciting. Justin and Addi came to lunch with me today and it just so happens that they are my favorite lunch dates. I am so glad tomorrow is Thursday!!!!


14 months and some other stuff

As of Friday, Addi is 14 months old. This is her picture last March crying and the only good one I got this March was one crying so here you go...We had a good weekend. Friday was so beautiful 70 degrees and we didn't even care it was windy. We played and played outside. Addi loves to ride in her car! We also went to the park she like the swing and the slide. Well since Addi is 14 months here is what she is up to...she weighs almost 21 lbs. She has four teeth (remember when I thought she was teething so EARLY haha) she runs everywhere haven't seen her crawl in some time now she really likes to eat almost anything she is not a picky eater but you so spit out the meatballs in your spaghettios...nasty little meat balls...your hair is getting so long we are hoping for some pigtails this summer. You say lots of things new words are banana except it is nana you say JJ which is Janie. You are getting so big!!


We are so glad the weather is warmer!!! Addi got a wagon and her car for her birthday and both have been sitting in the garage in their boxes...Yesterday Justin put both of them together for her. When I came home I raised the garage door and the second picture is what I saw in my place! Can't wait until tomorrow you will be able to find us OUTSIDE!


Addi loves her blanket she has one that stays in her bed and a smaller one that she carries with her she always knows where it is! We are so ready for spring. We are all feeling better :). Yesterday I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach but then I remembered it was just because it was Monday and time to go back to work hehe.. Justin is hanging out with some of his friends tonight so Addi and I had a girl night. I bought her some bubbles and a big bouncy ball to play with. She really like the bubbles HOPEFULLY we will be playing with them outside this weekend! I did see some daffodils that had bloomed yesterday so there is still hope that spring is coming...

Sherman and Zoey are the best when you are sick they just want to lay with you and it is perfectly ok with them if you don't move for 5 hours straight. I am not sure why Sherman thought this was a good place to sit...