nice relaxing weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home. Justin was off on Friday and Saturday. We did some shopping on Friday but did not come up with much it was sooo cold!!! It was in the 30's and then today it was almost 80. I'll take the weather today! Addi Aunt JJ and I all went to feed the ducks today. Addi was so excited but there was bread everywhere guess everyone had the same idea oh-well. See all the bread!
I had my doctors appointment this week and everything looks good! Next time we will be able to see if it is a boy or a girl. Justin and I are considering not finding out but not sure guess we have 3 1/2 weeks to figure it out!



We have some big news. Addi is going to be a big sister! We are so excited I am 14 weeks today. I am feeling much better now it was a little harder this time than it was with Addi. I had more morning sickness (not sure why it is called morning sickness when it lasts all freakin day) But that is over now and I am not as tired. I have gained 3 lbs so far but it seems like my stomach is so much bigger this time.

We waited a little while to tell everyone (except family) because...
when I stopped breast feeding Addi I had a lump in my left breast and it was a little sore so I decided that I should go to the doctor and he sent me for a mammogram. It came back fine and I didn't really think that much about it.

When I first found out I was pregnant the same place was really sore. I couldn't really lay on that side so I mentioned it again to my doctor. This time he sent me for a ultrasound of the area. I was really not that worried since the mammogram came back fine.

So we went for the ultrasound and the spot I was talking about came ended up being fine. The lady said the worst case would be that I would need to come back for a biopsy. So when she found two other places the doctor came in and said she wanted to do a biopsy. GRRR. it was so frustrating and I was scared. So a week later we Justin and I went back and had the biopsy done. The first one was just a cyst and they drained the fluid and it was fine. The second one they took a biopsy of and sent it off. The worst part was that I could not lift Addi for a couple of days it is hard to not be able to lift your baby!!

The next week the results came back and everything was ok it was just a cyst that is noncancerous and doesn't ever turn cancerous.

So when that was all over we were able to focus on being pregnant and we are so excited!!

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a good day. I was ready to come home from work and see Justin and Addi. Justin got me a kindle!! I am so excited about it. It is so easy to use and I can't wait to use it more. Justin and I started dating 7 years ago on my birthday. We have had so many changes in seven years!!! Thanks for everyone who remembered me on my birthday!

On Sunday J had to work so my mom came over to spend some time with me. She made me this beautiful flower arrangement. I put it on my nightstand it is beautiful and it smells so good. Star gazers are my favorites! I had a good birthday!

Fire station

The weekend before last J had to work Friday and Sunday which is the worst tour he has. So Addi and I decided to take a trip to the fire station to see him. I told her the day before we were going and she was so excited if you tell her that Dada is at work she says Dada firetrucks. So we headed to the station. It was a nice trip Justin was on the engine (which does not have a lot of calls) so we got to see him for a couple of hours and eat lunch together. Addi was so excited but she was afraid of the firetrucks for awhile. It made a good Sunday.



Well we are enjoying ANOTHER snow day. Last week was a little much for me but I went to work two days this week and was ready for another break haha! I think poor Addi went a little crazy. This is how I found her on Friday morning. She was so pleased with herself THEN Friday night she did the same thing except she peed all over her bed. That is fun when you are ready to go to bed!
GOOD NEWS Justin passed his paramedic test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of him he has worked really hard!


I was thinking and I always blog about pretty much the same thing all the time...Addi Justin and what we have been doing so I thought I would add something new

Here are some things I like and just some random things about me...(I know you are so excited :)

I love to read...I use to do alot more of this but I still enjoy. I have been reading the series The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo really like them

diet coke I get one everyday on my lunch break

sushi..not the raw sushi my favorite is the spicy cowboy

my ugg boots I had the one from target for 2 years and recently got the real ones I LOVE THEM

bed head hairspray

getting my hair done I dont actually like having my hair done it takes forever but after the fact I feel so much better

getting a pedicure

words with friends I am hooked

teen mom I can not imagine!!

All right thats all I can think of Hope everyone had a good snow day!!!

Perfect Weekend

We had a perfect weekend. Justin was off all weekend and the weather was wonderful!! On Friday, the warmest day we headed to the zoo. Addi has been to the zoo several times and she enjoys it more each time we go. This time I asked her what her favorite animal was and she says snake ssssssssssss. We did not see a snake. Another thing Addi is starting to like random things and random things catch her eye and stick in her mind. One evening we were watching the evening news and Katie Couric ( I think that how you spell it) was on and she said who is that and I told her Katie. She now asks where Katie is and asks to watch Katie.
On Saturday, Justin and I had a date! My mom came and stayed the night with Addi. Justin and I went to the movies then shopping and then we had dinner at the bed and breakfast we stayed at. The next morning we got to sleep until breakfast was brought to our room that was sooo nice getting to sleep in. Then we finished our weekend with pedicures. It was so relaxing and I know Addi had a great time with my mom. When we came home she took a nap for 3 1/2 hours.
And today...we had a snow storm so I get to stay home today!!!!!! Crazy it was about 75 on Friday and today it is barely above 0! BRRRRR