Random Thoughts

I am glad that Christmas, anniversary and birthday are over...I feel like we have not been on a schedule in a long time and a day where we didn't have much to do
Addi and I have been going to library on Wednesday to story time. She loves they sing play games and read a book and it is only 30 minutes. After were done she gets to go to the store to pick out a candy she wants. I have enjoyed doing something just me and her.
Justin and I went two weeks without eating out and I was so proud of us. I have decided that when you take two kids and pay for everyone to eat it isn't really worth it.
Justin and I went out with Janie and Brian last night and I realized that it has been a really long time since I have had adult fun. Sometimes I feel like I don't recognize myself anymore.
I am on the last book of the hunger games I really like it but I liked the other two more so I am not reading it as fast.
It really bugs Justin when someone texts him a long conversation instead of calling him...me I dont mind sometimes it is just easier for me to text back and forth but I need to make more of an effort to pick up the phone.
Easton has started looking really BIG lately. They really grow too fast.
The less I work the less I do around the house beause I can always do it later then dont.

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