Happy 3rd Birthday Addison

I have gotten behind mostly because I want to know what happens to Katniss next. Have you read The Hunger Games? They are so good I started the second one and have not been able to put it down!
Anyways...Addi turned 3 yesterday. 3??? How is that possible. I had to work so Justin brought Addi and Easton to lunch. J got my lunch time mixed up and was an hour early and had to set in the car for over an hour and waited on me. When I got to the car he was sitting in the backseat because Easton had thrown a fit and the child locks were on and he could not get out. Also Addi had broken an ink pen and somehow Justin was the only one with ink all over him. Have to admit sometimes it nice to know I am not the only one who had days like this :) so I pumped on the way to lunch and it was nice to see Addi for lunch on her Birthday. We had pizza and my mom and Janie and Brian came over to eat with us.
It is hard to find something for Addis birthday because it is so close to Christmas. She always pretends she is using a microphone so I bought her a microphone regretting it before I left the parking lot. Well it is super annoying and it scares Zoey to death so she barks and barks then barks somemore every time Addi uses it. What was I thinking?????
The day before Addi birthday she had to go to the doctor she weighs 33 pounds! She has pink eye and has to do eye drops twice a day. Let me just say eyedrops and a three years old = good times.
Happy Birthday Addison!!!

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