We have had a lot going on lately and I have been really just worn out so no blogging lately. Our computer crashed last week so we had to get another one so I will upload some new pictures of Addi later on but here is what has been going on with us...
Addi...we are potty training we started this week and so far it is going ok she doesn't really tell me when she has to go but will go when I take her so yesterday and Monday we had a few accidents and right after she pees in her big girl panties she tells me. Today we have had no accidents so far ! I think she is doing good it will just take some time and some extra laundry! She is taking swimming lessons on Tues and Thurs yesterday was her first day and she really liked it we just really played in the water. A couple of weeks ago she Justin and I took her to the movies for the first time and she did great she really liked it and she really really liked the popcorn. It is so much fun now that she is older and she gets excited about doing things.
Baby...I was 29 weeks yesterday the dr said he thinks I am about a week ahead but he is not going to change my due date. We had dr appointment last week and we got to do an ultrasound it is so much fun to get to see them. He had his little hand by his face so couldn't see from nose down. At last sonogram the dr called back and said I had low lying placenta which means the placenta attaches at the wrong spot and if it does not correct then it turns in to placenta previa which means placenta is over the cervix which is not good. So for about 10 weeks I could not lift anything including Addi and had to be on pelvic rest which is really annoying...especially not being able to lift Addi. BUT he said last week that it had corrected itself and everything looked great! I am so thankful! Dr called this week and said iron was a little low but not low enough for meds and he wants to check my thyroid so tomorrow I have to go back to have some blood drawn. I am not sure what it is being summer, being older or chasing after a two year old all the time but last pregnancy was so much easier I just felt better last time.
Me...I am getting to stay home with Addi this summer. The dr I worked for decided to sell his practice and told us three weeks before it was all going to happen..nice right! The dr that bought his practice has told me several times that she is planning on being busy enough for another hygienist by the time I am done with maternity leave so I really hope that works out. But for now not much I can do about it except enjoy my time with Addi. It is so frustrating the way it happened but I guess thats the way it goes.
Justin...has been busy at work he is studying for a big test next week. He has spent so much time on it and I know he will be glad when its all over!
Remember the good news I was telling you we had well...Janie (my little sister) is pregnant! They have been trying for a really long time it is such a blessing and I can't wait for Addi to have a cousin to play with and our babies will be about 5 months apart!
I will post some pictures later!

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