random pics

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing lately. Now that I am staying home with Addi we have really been trying to find things to do at least for a few hours a day. It gets to be a long day at home if we don't go anywhere! We went to Amarillo a few weeks ago Addi had a great time she played and played.

We found out that our theatre does kid movies on Tuesday and Thursday and the best part it is only 2 dollars! Addi did great and watched the whole movie. Today we saw Marmaduke.
We got a swimming pool for the backyard and a sandbox.
This is our second week of swimming lessons Addi loves them she does really good will jump off the side and go under water and will float on her back she has a great time.Last Friday we meet some friends at the Jump Zone and we have also been going to the library. I am really enjoying getting to spend sometime with Addi before the baby gets here. She is so much fun!
How cute are these shoes! My mom got them for Addi and I love them my Toms are some of my favorite shoes. Addi is doing great with the potty training. She had an accident a week ago and since then she has not had one accident! She has woken up from her naps and even from sleeping through the night and is dry. Today she told me several times that she had to go and not wait for me to tell her it was time to go. She will use the bathroom then say I am so proud of you! I think she was ready to be potty trained.
Tomorrow is my dr appt and today I was 30 weeks I can not believe that in 6 weeks I will be full term CRAZY! We have decided on a name and I have been working on the room...cleaning out the room not the fun stuff yet. So hopefully tomorrow I will post his name and show you some of the fabric for the nursery.

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