Justin and I have been doing some couponing -kinda. I don't go to different stores and I do not watch the sale ads. Basically we get the Sunday paper and some off of the internet so it ends up being about $50 a month that we save so I think it is worth 10-15 minutes a week. I think to really save one thing you may have to do is buy brands you don't normally get like laundry detergent etc. We had a coupon for Scotts toliet paper NOT the brand we buy and of course it is the huge size. When we opened it Justin said this is worse than work paper I agreed it is brutal. Janie texted me at work and asked what was up with our toliet paper and my came over yesterday and said oh you still have this paper! It wasn't worth the two bucks.

We went to the zoo this weekend Addi had such a great time she never gets tired of the zoo she was very fascinatied by the turtles toe nails and thought they should be painted. We had a good weekend went to a birthday party and J went on a golf trip so my mom came over yesterday to help with Addi. I am so glad my mom lives her this pregnancy I am tired and she does alot when she comes over. Justin was excited about his trip he said he is tired and needs a break. I am glad I am not tired and am in no need for a break (sarcasm) why is it that it is easier for men to get away is that just life or do we women make it that way???

My mothers day present came in today I love getting things in the mail!

When you tell Addi to do her crazy face she rolls her eyes to the side and does something funny with her mouth she really looks kinda crazy!!

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