30 weeks

On Wednesday I went to my 30 week appointment. Everything went fine the dr gave me some zantac for the acid reflux I have been having and it is working! He also said that according to my sonogram last time and after he remeasured me he thinks that I am 32 weeks! He said he thinks my actual due date is around August 11-13...that's two weeks early!!!! I am ready for him to be here but I am not ready for him yet!!! It has motivated me to get to work on some baby stuff!! I looked and looked for firefighter material and never could find any I liked so I decided on this vintage cowboy material here is some of it I think it will be really cute. We finally decided on a name Justin wants to see the baby before we pick a name that is what happened with Addi but I like monogrammed things so I wanted a name we finally decided...

Addi had a fever the on Wed and Thurs she really did not have any other symptoms and so we did not do alot. I felt so bad for her she felt better after taking her meds but then her fever would be back. Today she was back to normal. We made Justin a Fathers day surprise today and she was my little helper!! Happy Friday!

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gjones said...

You look so beautiful!!! I love the name Easton, very cute yet manly! I miss you my friend! Sending all my love to yall!!! xo!!