Snow Day # 3

Well yesterday was day # 3 of the snow. It was better yesterday because we were able to get out of the house and Sonic was open!! Justin shoveled the driveway while I cleaned and when he was finished he decided to build a snowman and as you can see that did not work out so well...so what does Justin decide to build a snow chair for Addi complete with a cup holder and an ottoman. Don't ask me why he thought of this because I have NO idea. So we bundled Addi up and sat her in her chair and as you can see she liked it. Man it is real work to bundle up a baby for the snow. What a cutie!!! Both of them actually...anyways...we met some friends to eat and usually Addi has a very BIG appetite but she would not eat anything and she felt like she had a temp so when we got her home we got her some tylenol and she seemed ok. This morning she woke up at 6 with a temp I brought her to bed with me and she was so snuggly. It is so sad when you know your baby isn't feeling well so mostly I have just been holding her she is sleeping in her bed now. I think she is teething. She still only has 4 teeth...hopefully she will start to feel better.

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