I was really irritated this week and Gina and Jennifer tell me what you think here is the deal (everyone else you are not going to care one bit about this)...I had a pt scheduled for SRP name sounded familiar but could not place her so was looking through chart. This is a pt who when I first came to the office was having perio mnt appts done but being billed for regular prophy. On her first visit (with another hygienist) her last cleaning was SRP done 2 years ago and she had 5-6 mm ppds with bleeding...if this was my new pt I would have told her she needed SRP again you agree?? But anyways she did "prophy" on lower and had her come back next week to do "prophy" on upper. Well when I first saw the lady who does not keep up with cleaning that she was going to be charged perio mnt for now on she is not a regular prophy patient. She said fine well insurance keeps denying her perio mnt because she does not have SRP history. So when I was on maternity leave the temp did a debridement. She returned when I came back and she did have some improvements but still 4-5 mm with some bop. I rcmd perio med to pt and to keep up with 3MRC and if no improvement than I think SRP. So what happened is the front desk lady told her that she thinks she should just sch for SRP and that way insurance may pay for perio mnt appts. Which I am not sure what they will pay for since we have been billing peiro mnt they deny then we bill SRP???? Anyways I was pissed at front desk girl...I felt like and told her that it is for me and the doctor to decide what the pt needs and she should not rcmd something else based on what she thinks insurance will pay. I feel like she stepped on my toes and should not have done this....what do you think...do you have pt that you wish would just go away because of something the other hygienist was doing for them that you are not willing to do....like doing prophy on pt you know needs scaling thanks for letting me vent!

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