Happy First Birthday Addison!!!

Tuesday was Addi's first Birthday! I can not believe it! Justin had school until about 7:30 so we waited for him to get home then we had cake! We had to get a practice cake and let her dig in before her party YUMMY! It is really hard to have her Birthday right after Christmas so we got her a pink car...the kind that they sit in but push with her feet. It is still in the garage and plan on getting it out when we can play outside. I also got her some pink converse that are so cute but does anyone else have so much trouble getting the shoes on it is like her heel will not go all the way in but they are not too small...very frustrating!!! Well the day after her birthday we had to go to the doctor for check up he said she is doing great she weighs 20.12 lbs she is still little..and is 29 inches long what a big girl. We are starting whole milk now so that means we are on our LAST can of formula yippee!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the big birthday party so I will fill you in and let you know how it goes. Hope everyone had a good week!

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The Johnsons said...

Happy Birthday Addi!!! You are such a big girl!!!