Addi had a great Birthday party and we are so thankful for everyone that came. I will tell you more about it when I upload the pictures....
One thing that I have learned with having Addi is how good it makes you feel when someone makes a big deal about YOUR baby. This is one of many things that I am going to work on this year. It makes you feel so good when someone just loves your baby don't you think? I am the type of person that does not mind being alone in fact I may like it a little too much it is not that I don't have a good time when I do things with friends it is just that sometimes I do not think about going to do things because for the most part I do not get bored by myself esp now that I keep busy with Addi. So I just want to invest more time in people that are important to me I want to spend more time with them. Just make a big deal over your friends it makes you feel happy and it is so nice when the favor is returned!!
Oh and we cashed in our change (we save it until these 2 vases are full) and we got $280 YEA!!!
So that means date night for Justin and me on Friday and Friday night I am so looking forward to that! Our sonic drinks just went up to $2.05 so my change jar is filling up pretty fast ...I let them keep the change like once a week what about you guys am I stingy lady or do you guys get your change back when you only order a drink???

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