Well not a lot has been going on just more of the same for the most part. We have taken Addi to the swimming pool a few times and had a really good time. I think she really liked it. Justin does dunk her little head under and I have to look away...poor baby with the mean Daddy haha.

Last weekend Justin and I went to a bed and breakfast in Turner Falls while Dorothy, Justin's mom, came and stayed with Addi. This is the first time that I have been away from her overnight but we both did fine. We had such a good time. Justin had set an appointment for me to get pedicure and manicure and them we had a couples massage it was so wonderful!!! When Justin booked everything there was a misunderstanding so they called us back to fix it and then they upgraded our room to the nicest one they have. We decided to go ahead and do dinner there, at first we were not going to but decided it had been awhile since we have enjoyed a night out so we had an AMAZING dinner. We had salads (with watermelons) sounds gross but so good, filet's, shrimp scampi and duck wasn't sure about it but turned out very good, green beans, asparagus, corn, twice baked potatoes, and dessert. Needless to say we were SO full! Miserable really. Then they had a breakfast the next day that was good. It was really nice to spend time with Justin and when I got home I just felt refreshed and more relaxed we definitely needed that weekend. I think Dorothy and Addi had a good time too.

This weekend is pretty uneventful Justin is working overtime this weekend so wont see
him very much.

I will put some pics up later I am too lazy right now...

One thing I want to vent about...people being late to the their appointments...not the ones that something came up at the last minute the ones that are late every freaking time...I think it is so rude and when they come in they do not say anything. We have one patient that does not live here anymore (maybe an hour and a half away) and still comes to our office, why I am not sure, but he is always always late. I was reading in his chart because he was running late and the last hygienist said last time he came in 45 min late for his 1 hour appointment and when she told him that he would have to reschedule he refused to leave and told her that he drove all that way and was not coming back another day. So after going back and forth she finally agreed to see him and ended up working thru her lunch REALLY. Anyways I know sometimes I run behind but I always tell the patient I am sorry that I am running late etc. Patients ran me behind all week because they were late GRRR

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